(portable sounds)

12 04 2007

edited: (friday)

just got back in a while ago from seeing the (portable sounds) tour…incredible!

josh and i were 4 rows back from the orchestra pit and the stage.

Family Force 5 kicked things off with a four-song high octane set…never had heard of them, checked out their myspace site and liked what i heard – no idea what they’re saying, but i like the energy! here’s the kicker, when i get home, i google them and find out that 3 of the 5 (or 6, check out wikipedia for the mystery member) are the sons of jerome olds…here’s where a reality check (and an “age check”) kicks in – jerome olds is a ccm artist from the 80’s and 90’s and i remember hearing about his kids (they were called the brothers then) and how they were pursuing a career at a young age – wonder if this is what dad had in mind?…interesting…

then building 429 was next with a short 4 or 5 song set using the same drum kit and virtually leaving the stage intact from FF5. what i really liked about this group (sounded like randy jackson with that statement didn’t i?) was their heart…these guys are the real deal – very genuine in their worship and their desire to give God all the glory.

following building 429, thousand foot krutch took the stage with force…really love these guy’s music…lots of energy, lots of passion and very simple music – yet really heavy and hard hitting.

finally, t-mac took the stage with 3 other bgv’s/dancers, guitarist, bassist, dj, keys, and a drummer – really entertaining set! toby did enough from the old cd’s to satisfy – jesus freak, in the light…then threw in some old school disco (play that funky music white boy…one of my favs, freak out and a medley of other 70’s disco) – if you get a chance to check out the (portable sounds) tour – do so! (and get really good seats, it pays off!).

josh also got toby’s autograph…so cool to see toby hang out after the show and meet the kids. the other bands hung out as well and there were a few kids hanging around to see them…ran into larry and jennifer (former staff members with larry – he was the yp @ cop), also ran into henry (a former cotn member going to free chapel now) – really great to see some of our youth and kids there from cotn (as well as chuck – kept waiting to see chuck flinging his head back and forth…never happened)…

perhaps the best thing about the night was hanging out with my son! i love spending time with him (and all my family), but there’s something special about when we take in a concert together – good memories!


Easter is here…almost

7 04 2007

Late getting in tonight…headed down to the middle part of the state and spent a couple days with my dad and other family down there – really cool to hang out with my sister and brother in law – my nieces are growing SO quickly – and soon we’ll have another one.

Strange thing…my brother and his wife seem to only know how to have boys, my sister and her husband seem to only know how to have girls – we, however, have struck the perfect balance! – what can we say! – (thank you God…for all my nieces and nephews).

I think I see the Easter bunny…it’ll be an early morning tomorrow to see the goodies – the Easter bunny knows how much I love Reeses Easter Eggs – the eggcelent!

That’s all…i’m tired – Easter day is in 45 minutes…

Thanks Father for sending you Son to die the perfect death to provide the perfect gift of eternal life.

so stoked!

5 04 2007

so stoked about several things:

  1. easter’s just 4 days away – i believe God is bringing breakthrough as He did that powerful day!
  2. this has been a great week of keeping in mind all the Christ went through to pay in full the price of my (and your) salvation
  3. my kids are on spring break which means we stay up later and life is funner…get over the grammer
  4. easter is soon upon us – their is hope, their is life, their IS resurrection – let us not forget!
  5. michael hyatt read my post yesterday and commented – wow! – the wonders of the internet. seriously, he did comment (which is cool), but I really meant what I said about his blog – always consistently solid material – sub to it now!
  6. easter sunday WILL be powerful – the set, the drama, the music are crazy cool – BE HERE!
  7. i just found out that I’m in the top 200,000 blogs that technorati is tracking – ok, my blog rank was 104,993 – that’s almost the top 100,000 – oh, how i remember the days of not even being able to break the 500,000 mark – btw, technorati is more than likely hope michael was able to track my comments – really cool though that he took time to comment though
  8. in case you missed it, easter sunday is just 4 days away – i look forward to this powerful time of year where we remember the sacrifice of our Lord and the life He made possible
  9. life is full – quantity and quality of life is really great right now – that’s what Christ brings because He brings “life more abundantly”
  10. easter in 4…see you then…

sunday night download (or, to blog or not to blog, pt. ii)

25 03 2007

here it is…in bullet format!

  • easter’s two weeks away – invite people now
  • been an interesting couple of days…i’m learning A LOT! – and i love it and hate it at the same time! God’s in control, this i know…and this i trust in. i’m thankful for my wife and some friends that have covered our back in prayer.
  • amazing two weeks in church…telling you, God is UP to something at cotn! will we be ready, will we receive it, will we embrace it – it will look different than what we are used to.
  • for two weeks in a row we’ve had ‘unusual’ things happen during service – God’s in control here!
  • i placed georgetown in the final four and i got that one right
  • watching the lady tar heels play and it’s a non-game – they are awesome and fun to watch
  • had a great first impressions meeting tonight – more on what we covered later
  • easter…2, two, dos, weeks away!
  • our building is coming along nicely – the wall studs are up, the heat and air’s going in, the plumbing is going in – so cool to see – in 6 months it’ll be ‘normal’ – whatever that will look like with God in control!
  • we’re going to grow – we’ve got to add more people serving in the following areas: nursery/preschool, kids church, sunday school, first impressions, care ministry – these are my targeted areas – it CAN be done – we added 4 people to first impression in the last two weeks.
  • we’re GOING to launch parking lot greeters in two weeks – i really believe we’ll have the right people serve – we have a couple right now
  • i have a really long list of items to price out for the new building
  • further tests on my daughter are on the way – got to get to the bottom of what’s going on with her health
  • i like my new pillow
  • easter’s two weeks away – invite people now!
  • baseball’s right around the corner – glad the braves went ahead and locked up mccann – where do i get my mcccan can?
  • love reading about what’s in the lives of these leaders in these churches:this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy
  • i’m excited about the new cell i’ll be sporting in a few days…more later.
  • braves pitching is second in the nl in preseason in era and k’s – awesome
  • this is a really random list – more so than usual…
  • things i’m thankful for – my risen savior, my hot wife, my two great kids, pastor mel’s preaching, change, health, college roommates, other bloggers, guacamole, myspace (great to connect with some of my ‘kids’ from when i was a YP who are now adults and parents)

to blog or not

24 03 2007

that’s the question that goes through my mind the past couple of days…so much going on, so many things going through my head, so many thoughts, so many! where to start, here, there, somewhere? nowhere?

let me just say that today’s been great to be with my family! two soccer games – i love watching my kids participate in this great sport. alyssa’s team doesn’t keep score (technically, but ask any parent on the sideline…i think we didn’t win in terms of goals, but our kids really played well together). josh’s team has taken it up another level, so fun to watch them play with field and player awareness, great to see them develop some evasive maneuvers and put some moves on the other players. we won that game 2-1.

well, like i said, so much going on both in my mind and my life…just ask for your prayer…thanks!

needles, traditions and tears

21 03 2007

been an interesting couple of weeks…

alyssa seems to keep battling a virus – first we think she’s better, then the fever spikes up again. had to have some tests done to see if there’s something more to it than just a virus…of course, ‘tests’ translates into needles, pokes, pain and tears…

thankfully, the tears and drama (very real for a 6 year old) wasn’t nearly as bad as it was for a 5 year old – she is indeed growing up. i was really proud that she cooperated more (of course, not totally, just more) than the first time ‘tests’ were done.

patrice did a splendid job of explaining that the our blood tells the story of us – our skin and what we see on the outside is like a book’s cover and the blood is the story inside…the dr. just wants to know what the story is all about! this related well to our daughter who loves to read and just a couple of days ago told me she was going to be a paleontologist – just the fact that she could say it indicates, at least to me, that she’ll in fact become one (or could become one).

fastforward to last night…it was a hectic night but i was determined to spend just a few minutes reading the bible with my son and praying for/with him – that’s been a tradition that we keep with both of our kids – although not all the time, we try to make sure it’s the rule rather than the exception…some traditions are really worth keeping!

following our reading time together (reading 1 timothy and talking about how young timothy was and the things he faced), we shared prayer requests. then, i prayed. typically i let him pray first and then i pray, last night i sensed God wanted me to pray first, then josh – i really sensed that God wanted me to ‘model’ prayer to my son.

there it happened…again…this time it wasn’t a 6 year old concerned about ‘tests’ – it was a 39 year old listening to his son pray for him and his mom – the tears rolled again! i was so moved by my son’s prayer that i began to cry as he prayed for us – i sensed in my spirit – ‘he’s got it!’



each can bring tears, however, both have brought me closer to my children in the past couple of days!

on my radar…

20 03 2007

so, here’s what’s on my radar…

  1. loving my wife more than ever – growing our relationship daily – never want to see it become stale or predictable!
  2. loving my son as a father should by setting an example of godliness and holiness to him – helping him become the man God intends him to be
  3. loving and nurturing my daughter so that she’ll know the exact way a man should treat a woman (see #1 above!) – also, praying for God to heal her and help us get to the bottom of why she gets sick frequently
  4. the other stuff in life…