moving eval

19 04 2007

so i said a couple of days ago that i was thinking of moving over to blogger – here’s the latest…

  • blogger is much more versatile…allowing me to choose different colors for text, background, etc…move around different portions of of the page to my liking and is overall, MUCHO easier to use than wordpress…
  • blogger will allow me to moblog – something i’ve wanted to use now that i have my new cell
  • blogger seems really well integrated with the other elements of google that i use – personalized homepage, gmail, google analytics
  • blogger will allow me to use word verification on comments as well as comment moderation…
  • blogger will offer better site stats than wordpress…much better!
  • blogger is, bottom line, as i suspected a much easier and natural tool for me to use….

so, all that said, the pendulum is swinging toward blogger…more details to come…my hope is that you’ll join me in a new blogland – i’ll make it easy on you to find me once i get the new site where i want it in terms of design/layout…i hope to have things ready to roll in the next few days…maybe sooner!




One response

20 04 2007

dude i just got set up and i have to move!?!?!?

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