comic relief and sunday night download

15 04 2007

first, really need to give a shout out to our first impressions teams, our care teams, and our children’s teams-today they executed with love and excellence…our worship team was on target today with a great worship set…pastor mel’s sermon was overwhelmingly on target from everyone i’ve talked to – i’ll be listening to it tomorrow in the am…so, to all the cotn volunteers and staff – thanks!

second, time for some comic relief …tony is a church planter meeting down at the mall of georgia…just found out that he is the one that married a key couple in our church…keep your eye on millcreek!

third, we’re in the final stretch of fpu…really glad…this has been a great group of people and i really think they’re getting it!

fourth, had a great discussion with guy and todd…i love dreaming with people that know how to do so out of the box…i believe greater days lie ahead for cotn because of the things He’s putting into the hearts of people…

i’m watching the apprentice right now…i really want to do this show! donald, if you ever read this, at least consider me…i’d love to do this show…i told pastor mel this last week one day at lunch and he totally agreed that he could see me on there…hmmmm, think that’s a good thing or bad one…i’ll take it as a good one (that was his intent). plus, i really believe that the greatest message in the world, deserves the greatest marketing and promotion in the world…why not let the platform be a national one?

finally, it’s going to be a great week…




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