(portable sounds)

12 04 2007

edited: (friday)

just got back in a while ago from seeing the (portable sounds) tour…incredible!

josh and i were 4 rows back from the orchestra pit and the stage.

Family Force 5 kicked things off with a four-song high octane set…never had heard of them, checked out their myspace site and liked what i heard – no idea what they’re saying, but i like the energy! here’s the kicker, when i get home, i google them and find out that 3 of the 5 (or 6, check out wikipedia for the mystery member) are the sons of jerome olds…here’s where a reality check (and an “age check”) kicks in – jerome olds is a ccm artist from the 80’s and 90’s and i remember hearing about his kids (they were called the brothers then) and how they were pursuing a career at a young age – wonder if this is what dad had in mind?…interesting…

then building 429 was next with a short 4 or 5 song set using the same drum kit and virtually leaving the stage intact from FF5. what i really liked about this group (sounded like randy jackson with that statement didn’t i?) was their heart…these guys are the real deal – very genuine in their worship and their desire to give God all the glory.

following building 429, thousand foot krutch took the stage with force…really love these guy’s music…lots of energy, lots of passion and very simple music – yet really heavy and hard hitting.

finally, t-mac took the stage with 3 other bgv’s/dancers, guitarist, bassist, dj, keys, and a drummer – really entertaining set! toby did enough from the old cd’s to satisfy – jesus freak, in the light…then threw in some old school disco (play that funky music white boy…one of my favs, freak out and a medley of other 70’s disco) – if you get a chance to check out the (portable sounds) tour – do so! (and get really good seats, it pays off!).

josh also got toby’s autograph…so cool to see toby hang out after the show and meet the kids. the other bands hung out as well and there were a few kids hanging around to see them…ran into larry and jennifer (former staff members with larry – he was the yp @ cop), also ran into henry (a former cotn member going to free chapel now) – really great to see some of our youth and kids there from cotn (as well as chuck – kept waiting to see chuck flinging his head back and forth…never happened)…

perhaps the best thing about the night was hanging out with my son! i love spending time with him (and all my family), but there’s something special about when we take in a concert together – good memories!




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13 04 2007
Chris Collick

Glad to hear that you had an awesome time at the concert with Josh. I went to dc Talk’s Freak tour concert back at the old Omni in Atlanta about 11 years ago. Toby definitely knows how to put on a good show.

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