so stoked!

5 04 2007

so stoked about several things:

  1. easter’s just 4 days away – i believe God is bringing breakthrough as He did that powerful day!
  2. this has been a great week of keeping in mind all the Christ went through to pay in full the price of my (and your) salvation
  3. my kids are on spring break which means we stay up later and life is funner…get over the grammer
  4. easter is soon upon us – their is hope, their is life, their IS resurrection – let us not forget!
  5. michael hyatt read my post yesterday and commented – wow! – the wonders of the internet. seriously, he did comment (which is cool), but I really meant what I said about his blog – always consistently solid material – sub to it now!
  6. easter sunday WILL be powerful – the set, the drama, the music are crazy cool – BE HERE!
  7. i just found out that I’m in the top 200,000 blogs that technorati is tracking – ok, my blog rank was 104,993 – that’s almost the top 100,000 – oh, how i remember the days of not even being able to break the 500,000 mark – btw, technorati is more than likely hope michael was able to track my comments – really cool though that he took time to comment though
  8. in case you missed it, easter sunday is just 4 days away – i look forward to this powerful time of year where we remember the sacrifice of our Lord and the life He made possible
  9. life is full – quantity and quality of life is really great right now – that’s what Christ brings because He brings “life more abundantly”
  10. easter in 4…see you then…



3 responses

5 04 2007
Jeff Smith

Hey buddy, I just signed up for Technorati. Beat you! I’m 86,228! I’m not sure I’m believing it. I don’t really understand it, but there it is.

6 04 2007
Todd Strickland

I have to tell you i have really enjoyed reading your blog, i am off tomorrow and Rhonda, Grace, Hannah and i went to see fire house dog tonight, you must take your whole family to see it…at any rate I am up at 129 am reading and writing a comment. over the next week or so please tell me what i need to do to start my own blog..

hey thanks for being a great friend and someone who helps encourages and i know was placed by God in my life.

7 04 2007
Chris Collick

Hey, bro. How about being stoked about the Thrashers?!? 2007 SE Division Champs!

See you Sunday!


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