Gators are Nat’l Champs – again

3 04 2007

hard to believe, but it’s true…3 national championships in 12 months!

got back late last night (really, early this morning) from an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime trip to the georgia dome to watch the gators with all of their explosive firepower unleashed upon the ohio state buckeyes (who I have to say have one of the most ridiculous mascots i’ve ever seen! – sorry to all of my ohio friends!).

i’ve got to say first that the ATL represented well! man, I’ve never seen marta run so smoothly – well, except for “situation” they had that put us on the tracks underground for 35 minutes PRIOR to tipoff – not what you want. but it was cool, we were in with a great little pocket of people talking, watching one with with claustrophobia deal with major anxiety issues (i guess) – we prayed for him, i was feeling bad for the dude because no one had water, he couldn’t sit down, he couldn’t get his mind off the fact that we were underground and stuck waiting on ‘issues at five points’ to be resolved – marta really should come up with better terminology than ‘issues.’ nonetheless, the experience was GREAT! their was a ton of police, military, and ushers/greeters to guide and greet us – hats off to you marta! even the trains smelled good (ok, well, the north-south trains smelled good – not sure what’s happening with the folks on the east-west sides of town, but they left some funk in the train I’m pretty sure).

then, the game…you can check out the stats here on the game (great article here)…. the depth of florida’s team is amazing! they’ve got guyS (plural, not just one) that can hit the 3-pointer from distance with accuracy and consistency. they’ve got guyS that can block shots, grab rebounds and play tough. although osu has oden, he just was not enough for florida’s guyS – they are a team!

my good friend todd, at the last minute, couldn’t find it within himself to pull for the gators – needless to say, i was disappointed! i thought the brother would at least put aside for a little while his disdain for anything-gator and for for the SEC team – i was wrong. once in the atmosphere – which was ELECTRIC! – he was embedded in a sea or orange and blue! he just couldn’t do it.

i have this dual nature about me that most folks in georgia and florida just don’t understand – i LIKE both teams! I PULL for both teams! I’m LOYAL to both teams! some say it can’t be done, I’m DOING IT! last night was a great night – probably a once-in-a-lifetime game for me – a nat’l championship with one of the teams i really like.

below you’ll see a shot of from where we were seated. we were in the 327 section, about 8 rows up. we had the advantage of being able to ‘see the plays develop’ as one neighbor put it – that’s code for ‘sucky seats’ – his words, not mine. in reality, they were great seats, we were on the bench side of the court, gator-end…their had to be at least 10 thousand people with worse seats than us.

court shot




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