issues…with golf!

29 03 2007

played golf for the first time today in about 4 or 5 month – it was interesting! the ball was white upon impact, but by the time it landed it had it was coated in yellow – today’s pollen count was close to 6000! i think it’s like anything over 150 is extreme! ok, not really coated in yellow, but our clubs, our carts, the cart path, the water coolers, the hats, the sunglasses – pretty much everything was yellow – the ball wasn’t because we kept crushing it with a gold club (i wish!)…

so, here are my issues…

  1. why is there a one stroke penalty when you loose a ball in water or brush and have to drop another one – isn’t the fact that you lost the ball enough of a penalty?
  2. why are there out of bounds in golf – it’s an outdoor game – as long as the ball is outdoors, shouldn’t it be ok to play it? (if indoors, you have other issues!)
  3. why do we have to wear shirts with collars? – i don’t like dress codes!



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