28 03 2007

every now and then i find it necessary to just simplify…as well as streamline!

simplifying is the process of removing those things that aren’t essential…those thing that serve as a distraction…those things that derail you from your focus. tonight it’s simplifying my desk, that means the paper calendar that i purchased at the beginning of the year (“because that’s the way we’ve always done it”) is going into the drawer in my desk (off my desk, off my space), the essential book(s) that i’m reading right now are going to be narrowed down to just a couple and i’m going to start taking them everywhere so that i can finish them here and there

streamlining is the process of making process more easy (great grammar, eh?) – it’s the process of making life more focused – that’s one of the reasons i use bloglines as an aggregator for all of the feeds i read (about 47 right now).


what else can i simplify? (remove)

what else can i streamline? (focus)

what can you simplify?

what can you streamline?

love to hear your comments…




One response

29 03 2007
Jeff Smith

Been working on that too. Everytime I do… I get more stuff. I need a couple of days to catch up. Sometimes it seems eaiser said than done or just a couple of tough days and your way behind. I’ve been out of the office for about 3 days (went to ECU to take our college student out to lunch on Monday, Tuesday was a mentor meeting in Goldsboro, Wednesday – home with a simi-sick child).

I look at my list of stuff to do and get overwhelmed. You are on the right track – simplify, organize, priorotize – but, man, it is tough sometimes. Eaiser for someone to tell YOU how to simplify than for you to get it done.

This sounds a bit depressing. “Chin up and all that” as Owl said to Piglet and Pooh Bear. The Journey is way more important than the destination sometimes – and often more fun. Think about a rafting trip – the journey down the river beats the “take out” any time. Keep on, keeping on – but look for the joy!

Now go clean your desk, and no goofing off!

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