easter eggs, peeps, thorns, the cross and cars

28 03 2007

enjoyed a little quiet and down time this morning…in doing so i spent some time doing a little forward-thinking about the next couple of weeks…

this friday i’ll hang out with my daughter at her easter egg hunt at school – i love these! there is something remarkable about watching a child’s face light up when they FIND the easter egg – there’s a ton of fun watching them HUNT the easter eggs. it’s neat to see them explore, follow in one another’s tracks, neat to watch the parents gently guide them to “finding” the easter eggs – it’s all just so cool – it’s all just so childish can’t we be like that? do we have to have it ‘figured’ out before we start (speaking volumes to myself right now)? God has given us His Holy Spirit to guide us into ‘finding’ what God’s plan is – I’m looking forward to that visible, tangible reminder in a couple of days – Easter’s here!

then there are peeps – did you know that the amount of peeps chicks and bunnies eaten this year could circle the earth’s circumference? did you know that peeps are the best selling easter candy (non-chocolate) for the past decade? did you know there are websites dedicated to demented research on peeps (hmmmmm)? btw, i like peeps…

but, moving on, there is the issue of thorns and the cross at easter! of course, in recent years there’s been an uptick in the media trying to discredit or bring speculation to the meaning of easter – they’ve tried to discredit that Jesus was ever a real person, that perhaps the crucifixion/resurrection were just a hoax, and now they are claiming that Jesus was really married – i’m not going to launch into an apologetic here because frankly that’s not my gifting. this i know…Christ is real, i’ve experienced His redemption and His grace, Christ is arisen and there’s reason for hope. Hope! Hope, there’s a word that people all around us could use…imagine if hope were as prevalent as peeps. ok, seriously, our world is full of people without hope…then there are people like ‘salavat.’

spent this morning doing a quick read of the latest issue of voice of the martyrs magazine i received this week in the mail…’salavat’ is a Christ-follower in uzbekistan – he’s been imprisoned countless times for the message of the gospel. recently he was imprisoned for six months! during this time his wife and 5 children were basically neglected by the church because the other Christians were afraid of coming around for fear of imprisonment. during his time in prison, he was to beaten by the other inmates – they spared him – favor of God. upon release, his family had little food, but lots of hope. his 7 year old daughter asked, ‘dad, when are we going to eat again?’ – think about that for a moment moms and dads…imagine your children asking that question – not, “when can we go to mcdonalds?”, but “when can we eat again?” – ‘salavat’ told his daughter soon because he had hope…hope…hope that God would provide. the next morning they got up at 5am to work the fields when a car drove up to their home and two ‘people’ got out of the car – they stated that they weren’t supposed to be here, but that God had sent them…they handed ‘salavat’ $200, returned to the car, and drove off. when ‘salavat’ and his daughter went to thank them, they looked up and the car was gone! no dust, no tracks, the road looked as if it hadn’t been driven on for months – hope showed up in a car!

that’s how it is with God, He shows up!…He shows up in a car, in a friend (through a word or a challenge) and sometimes in an easter egg hunt!




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