‘four seasons’ of first impressions

25 03 2007

we’re breaking down the first impressions training and expectation into the following…just thought i’d share about these things – it’s what works for us.

essentially, we’ve decided that almost every service contains these four seasons within it (only one is really ever dropped, but not often). we’re going to begin to look at what takes place in each ‘season’ and what ministry as a first impressions team member looks like during that ‘season.’

here they are – the ‘four seasons of ministry at cotn’

  1. pre-service – i.e., the greeters and ushers greeting (not talking to their best friends about recipes and bbq’s), removing obstacles, heightened awareness for guests, setting the atmosphere for miracles
  2. service – partnering with the pastor speaking to maintain the right order and atmosphere, intercepting ‘problems’ before the pastor has to (i.e. kids crying in the sanctuary)
  3. altar – almost always happens! this is why we get together every week – for GOD to move BIG TIME! – having ushers ready to assist with needs at the altar, praying for the pastors, protecting them (their integrity, their time, their ministry)
  4. post-service – this is the ‘exit greet’ – where we thank people for being at cotn – tag teaming them for ministry next week

btw, this is one of the BEST websites for learning from when it comes to first impressions




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