to blog or not

24 03 2007

that’s the question that goes through my mind the past couple of days…so much going on, so many things going through my head, so many thoughts, so many! where to start, here, there, somewhere? nowhere?

let me just say that today’s been great to be with my family! two soccer games – i love watching my kids participate in this great sport. alyssa’s team doesn’t keep score (technically, but ask any parent on the sideline…i think we didn’t win in terms of goals, but our kids really played well together). josh’s team has taken it up another level, so fun to watch them play with field and player awareness, great to see them develop some evasive maneuvers and put some moves on the other players. we won that game 2-1.

well, like i said, so much going on both in my mind and my life…just ask for your prayer…thanks!




One response

24 03 2007
Jeff Smith

I’m there with you on the “blog or not” deal. I want to, but time is an issue. I have good thoughts… until it is time to write sometimes. Also, is it worth it? Is it being read? Is it making a difference? I’m going to keep at it. I do enjoying reading yours… mostly to keep up with what is going on in your life.


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