needles, traditions and tears

21 03 2007

been an interesting couple of weeks…

alyssa seems to keep battling a virus – first we think she’s better, then the fever spikes up again. had to have some tests done to see if there’s something more to it than just a virus…of course, ‘tests’ translates into needles, pokes, pain and tears…

thankfully, the tears and drama (very real for a 6 year old) wasn’t nearly as bad as it was for a 5 year old – she is indeed growing up. i was really proud that she cooperated more (of course, not totally, just more) than the first time ‘tests’ were done.

patrice did a splendid job of explaining that the our blood tells the story of us – our skin and what we see on the outside is like a book’s cover and the blood is the story inside…the dr. just wants to know what the story is all about! this related well to our daughter who loves to read and just a couple of days ago told me she was going to be a paleontologist – just the fact that she could say it indicates, at least to me, that she’ll in fact become one (or could become one).

fastforward to last night…it was a hectic night but i was determined to spend just a few minutes reading the bible with my son and praying for/with him – that’s been a tradition that we keep with both of our kids – although not all the time, we try to make sure it’s the rule rather than the exception…some traditions are really worth keeping!

following our reading time together (reading 1 timothy and talking about how young timothy was and the things he faced), we shared prayer requests. then, i prayed. typically i let him pray first and then i pray, last night i sensed God wanted me to pray first, then josh – i really sensed that God wanted me to ‘model’ prayer to my son.

there it happened…again…this time it wasn’t a 6 year old concerned about ‘tests’ – it was a 39 year old listening to his son pray for him and his mom – the tears rolled again! i was so moved by my son’s prayer that i began to cry as he prayed for us – i sensed in my spirit – ‘he’s got it!’



each can bring tears, however, both have brought me closer to my children in the past couple of days!




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