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17 03 2007

just some quick thoughts – lots of things pressing right now…

  • i’m up to bat to preach tomorrow – can’t wait – praying that i’ll be able to bring some clarity to the issue of the baptism of the Holy Spirit – here’s a snippet, I came across a stat that only 35% of our pentecostal churches actually have spirit-filled people in them – that means we’re only spirit-filled in “name only” – wow. please pray that i’ll be able to communicate clearly – pray that i’ll preach with unction – that’s the word i’ve been praying over and over – these are times in which we need to be empowered!
  • my bracket is fried! that’s right, crispy fried brackets for dinner – seriously, only one side of it is in any kind of shape.
  • i was basing my bid for the presidency on how well i did in march madness – at this point, i don’t think i’ll be a threat to hillary or barak or whomever settles on the republican side of the ticket.
  • my daughter is sick again – please pray for her! enough said on that – just ask the Father to heal her.
  • my wife’s amazing – she canceled an out of town trip with the dance team to stay behind and care for our daughter – of course, that’s what mom’s do isn’t it! anyway, she sacrificed to care for all of us, this gives me the freedom to spend a little last minute time in sermon prep and prayer – more prayer than prep at this point – most of the prep’s done. thank you God for my wife!
  • spring is here and i find myself listening to country music more – why is that – it just “feels” better when driving my pickup with the windows down i guess – anyway, also listening to daughtry and t-mac a lot too.
  • cool to see the thrashers doing so well – almost makes me want to watch the thrashers – may have to since my bracket is imploding (as well as my bid for the presidency).
  • spring break is soon to be here and i have a dilemma – whether to see the braves opening day or the G-day game – plan to take the family to one or the other – be the first professional sports event for my daughter – hmmmmm which one would you choose?
  • off to finish the sermon prayer/prep. hope to see all the cotn people tomorrow



One response

17 03 2007
Chris Collick

Prayers are being sent up for your daughter’s health and your message tomorrow. I look forward to hearing it.

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