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12 03 2007

just a quick post to pass along the things i’m pondering, the posts that are challenging me and what’s on the radar for this week…

  • first, i was saddened to find out the lead singer of this band passed away over the weekend – having been a huge fan (and still am) of the 70’s and 80’s super groups, this was a huge bummer for me – mainly because i was seriously pondering checking out their summer concert in the ATL – oh well, no longer – the group still rocks though!
  • as mentioned, i spent friday and saturday down at robbins air force base in a coach’s clinic – really cool to hang out with some of our nations finest people – the military. i have a particular love for the air force and at one time really seriously considered joining – sometimes i wished i had, nonetheless, God’s plan was different – still want to fly in an f15 or f16 if anyone can make that happen
  • regarding the coach’s clinic – my key takeaways were: the game is the best teacher; coach’s of early ages need to merely be facilitators not teachers (let the game do that); we’re too obsessed with strategy, tactics and physical development (running laps) at too early of an age
  • the parallels for me…life is the best teacher – we have a facilitator (the Holy Spirit) that comes alongside of us to guide and comfort us, but sometimes we have to go through “stuff” in order to learn – sometimes in the church we focus too much on tactics and miss out on the game – we “worry” about too many things, we think through sometimes too much and all the while God wants us in the game (walking in relationship with Him) and we miss out because we’re too busy strategizing and theorizing…we end up missing God and missing all the fun as well
  • i’m up to preach this week – please pray for me! really stoked about preaching – it’s one of the most humbling things we can do! i take it very seriously!
  • the race for the white house is upon us in so many ways – i’ve tried to stay disconnected at this point, but their are several blogs that i’m going to begin to follow – i’ll pass along the best of the best after a few weeks – these will not necessarily be republican blogs either – i want to hear both sides of the issues
  • the bulldogs men’s b-ball team made it into the NIT – guess that’s better than nothing – i love march madness
  • i’m going to create my bracket today – all of you bracketologists out their, let me hear you (that means comment)
  • here are a few blogs that i’ve been re-reading the past few days…
    • this is a great post – i’ve posted the first of a four part series link here – read all four though…
    • jeff has a great link for something fun to do…here is his post and here’s the link to the fun site – run your name and post your results – my name had 15 results – if we view this like a game of golf, i beat jeff by 8917!
    • before this post was put up, i was thinking about this very issue last week…in fact, i almost pulled the trigger and did a post on this subject, however, it wouldn’t be nearly as good as this one – check it out – here’s Wired’s article
    • one of the BEST posts out there this week that i’ve read…here’s a bit from it – read it all!The high cost of failure or the higher cost of missed opportunity?
      The pain of messing up or the deeper pain of missing out?
      Making the wrong decision or deciding by not deciding at all?
      Falling down or standing still?
    • finally, a great quote by rick warren…Now, it’s easy to be biblical if you don’t care about being relevant … And it’s easy to be relevant if you don’t care about being biblical. I happen to want to be both.”
      Rick Warren in a recent interview with ABC New’s Nightline.



One response

12 03 2007
Chris Collick

All right, Pastor Rick, you wanted to hear from some bracketologists, so here I am:

1. #1 Florida should not have a problem advancing to Atlanta from the Midwest region, but they can’t play like they did towards the end of the regular season. Look for a challenge from #2 Wisconsin, but not many more challenges beyond them.
2. Greg Oden and the Buckeyes from #1 Ohio State should make it to Atlanta from the South region okay. However, beware of dark horses #5 Tennessee and #6 Louisville.
3. #1 North Carolina may run into some roadblocks on their way to Atlanta from the East region–especially from #2 Georgetown and #4 Texas. The Hoyas are especially hot right now after winning the Big East and the Longhorns have one of the best players in the nation in Kevin Durant. The Tar Heels should consider themselves lucky if they make it to the Final Four in one piece.
4. I’m having a little bit of difficulty in seeing Kansas as the #1 seed in the West. I know that they won the Big 12 tourney this past weekend, but they seem a little overrated to me. Look for this region to be wide open, especially with the likes of Duke, Pittsburgh and UCLA in the same region.

My Final Four choices (as of right now): Florida, Ohio State, Texas, UCLA
Championship Game: Florida vs. Ohio State
Champion: Ohio State. They seem to have played a little more consistently over the entire season than Florida has. Let’s just hope that this contest is a little closer than that joke of a BCS Football title game back in January.

Well, I hope this helps, brother. Remember that you did ask for some feedback on this!

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