pain in the…

11 03 2007

now that i have your attention…

man, i’m sore! no, not at georgia’s baseball team or basketball team…i’m talking physically sore…spent about 3 hours yesterday at a soccer coach’s clinic…today, i’m paying for it! i think the instructor (the director of coaching for the state of georgia) took great joy in watching all of us run around on the field like a bunch of 8 or 10 year olds…so, needless to say, i have pain all over (thus the title) – what makes it worse is my office is upstairs at church and stairs are a MAJOR obstacle for me right now…anyway, i’ll stop whining…i can’t stand whiners either…

however, let me say this, i learned SO much at the coach’s clinic that i’m ready to take on any team – and i’m not even a coach right now! oh well, in the fall i’ll start again and this time, i’ll be ready…btw, there were a few things i learned that parallel our kingdom walk…more on that later…stay tuned…

one last thing…my good friend chris has done a great job of summarizing where we’ve been on our journey at COTN – check out his notes here as well as what God’s doing in his family’s lives right now…next week, i’m up to bat to preach – watch out COTN i’m pumped (as if you couldn’t tell at the end of today’s service!)…i’m checking with the fire marshal now about pyrotechnics…thought we’d mix in a little old school 80’s superband concert with the message (i’m only kidding) – we’ll leave the 80’s out of it…but what about some pyrotechnics…that’d be different!

just for fun…what about something like this…just kidding!!!!
pyro...can you see this?




2 responses

11 03 2007
Chris Collick

At least the pyrotechnics will help keep our attention! (J/K) Seriously, I’m excited to hear what God has to say through your message next Sunday. Can’t wait!

11 03 2007

You didn’t tell me you were preaching next week! Now I’m going to have to get up despite my late flight instead of skipping church! I may need pyrotechnics to keep me awake after the wedding weekend!

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