reaching men

9 03 2007

this past week we kicked off our men’s and women’s classes – i guess the women’s class is a bible study in the purest form – however the men’s class is more of an experience. i really believe these two events (my new word instead of classes) are going to be critical for us in building momentum. the women’s class is studying the book of daniel by beth moore – only beth moore could pull this off i believe…there’s no way i could attempt to teach that book and have the ability to communicate to all the ladies that are attending – God has anointed her for what she does – for what it’s worth, i’m going through the material on my own because i think it’s some of the best out there.also, the men’s experience is going to really challenge men! we had guys there that haven’t stepped foot in the door of a church for years – God’s going to use this time to really challenge them to step up to the plate and be the men God created them to be. let me say this…if we can reach men, we can reach anyone. i know other church planters and pastors have targeted them, we’re just a little slow…i really feel like it’s the right time to start reaching men. for too long the church has become feminized – boy, i know i may make some people irritated here, but face it – one of the declines in our culture (overall culture) is the absence of men! it MUST become a priority to reach men, challenge them to live authentically as MEN and become the leaders in the church and community that God intended – our boys need role models, they need to see guys in church, then need to see guys serving, they need to see the men being Christ-like…

i’m tempted to write a paragraph here of thanks for the women who’ve served through the decades FAITHFULLY that kept the church moving forward – i’ll save it for another day and just say thanks!…this is too long already…

to wrap up…the church that reaches men will reach the rest of the community – if you can get the guys living for Christ, the family is more apt to follow – pray that we’ll reach men…

what do you think? (that’s code for leave comments and give me feedback…interested in the discussion)…have a great day…

i’ll post more on the women’s leadership and the huge role they’ve played at another point – also, i’ll address what manly leadership looks like in another post – stay tuned…




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