the church of chick-fil-a

8 03 2007

have to admit, i have a weakness…it’s for chick-fil-a (cfa)!

the original chicken sandwich, incredible!

the new milkshakes – the best out there!

the chicken strips – love ’em!

the waffle fries – original and fun to eat…

know what’s cool…i share this fascination with a bunch of other people – only, they are more committed to the cfa cause than i. i dine there at least (at LEAST) once a week…but i’m just not sure i would be up for doing this…here’s the link (you’ll need an acct., but i’m going to post a portion here so you can get the gist)…

This morning, between 6 and 6:30 a.m., restaurant employees will hand out a year’s supply of weekly Chick-fil-A meals to Slovensky (a participant) and each of 99 other adults in line before the store opens at 6:30 a.m.

More than 100 other participants flocked to the restaurant Wednesday morning – trailing long behind Slovensky – but by noon had taken all the eligible slots and created a sort of tailgating party, dotting the parking lot with tents, mattresses and camping chairs.

Slovensky, who has a weakness for the restaurant’s milkshakes and is participating in his seventh Chick-fil-A giveaway promotion, did get the No. 1 spot at the Epps Bridge Parkway store.

talk about commitment! i love this…

gotta be honest with you, i saw the hundred or so people last night at this cfa – they were having a blast. i was headed to barberitos to enjoy a little southwest supper, when i passed these lunatics! i wanted to get out and hang with them! they were throwing frisbee, they were talking with new friends, they were establishing community right there in a parking lot of a store that would open their doors in less that 12 hours…this led me to think about the Church…

could we ever get a hundred people to camp out in front of our church the night BEFORE a service? heck, could we get one person to camp out the night before in anticipation? just wondering…

all of the cfa’s in athens have created an almost addictive atmosphere…somewhat better than starbucks (because cfa is quicker at getting your order to you). i love to go to cfa because the manager’s going to speak to me when he sees me, the order taker’s going to ask, “how may i serve you today?” – instead of “what’ll ya have?” that they say at this place (which i also like). cfa makes me feel like i belong – exactly like a church should!

in my heart, i believe cotn is going to see things like this take place – maybe not exactly, but i believe expectation and anticipation are building momentum within our church – i believe the best is yet to come…people anxious to get there early because the benefits FAR outweigh those of cfa…come on…think about it…free cfa for a year, or free salvation, miracles taking place, marriages restored, families renewed, lives changed forever – much great benefits than the church of cfa… hope to see you sunday and see you early!




3 responses

8 03 2007
Jeff Smith

That is awesome! Can you imagine people being that excited about “church” and all that it is? I’m talking about the hanging out (fellowship) AND the hearing of God’s Word! What a picture. AND what a difference it would make to their friends. I’m NOT a NASCAR fan, but I get excited about it when my students talk about it or I get a chance to watch it with excited fans. If I did that more often, I could become a fan. Good deal!

Hey, Rick. If we ever make it to your place, I want to go to barberitos. It looks GOOD!

Great post!

8 03 2007
Rick Womack

Jeff, you make it to athens and i’ll personally make sure you get there and your meal is covered…georgia is calling…

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