monday morning download

5 03 2007

here’s a quick download of things that i found important or at least interesting…

  1. priorities baby! – that’s right this article has some of the most important news of the day – don’t miss it!
  2. ok, on a more serious note…sin messes people up! the moral crises in colorado springs has messed up more people than just those that were in the headlines – read the article here…my prayer is that these people will not become bitter or lose faith – if you read this article (and you should) then do 2 things: 1.) pray for everyone affected – sin hurts everyone – there’s no private sin; 2.) don’t sin! in the age in which we live, it’s even more important for their to be safeguards and accountability – we were created for relationships, get in one!
  3. this is one of the best devotional posts i’ve seen – of course #6 below reflects why i really like this – batterson is a great wordsmith and really a great leader
  4. having been a church planter, i really admire this guy! it takes guts to put it all on the line and take the big risk – btw, i still strongly believe in church planting and think it’s one the greatest things someone can do when God calls you into it. pray for church planters – there are more people, we need more churches!
  5. here’s a short article that follows nicely on the heels of the last point – read it and evaluate yourself
  6. i’m really happy that i have a break in teaching on wednesday nights – while i enjoy the process of teaching/preaching (prep, pray and delivery) – it’s good to have some down time – fact is, since i’m also responsible for children/nursery/preschool ministry, this will give me a great chance to do some evaluation there, along with some encouragement and hopefully some building.
  7. i’m going to jump back into coaching in the fall – starting it off by heading to a coaches clinic soon that will help me become a better coach (soccer is the sport) – while i’ve coached several years of soccer, i’ve never invested the time to become better through the training thats available – i’m doing that now and really excited – too late to coach this season, but next season will be fun!
  8. spring is here – well it was last week(not literally, but the weather seemed like it last week), and in celebration i’m throwing out everything from 10-15 years ago that we used in children’s ministry – spring cleaning baby!
  9. finally, i’m really pumped about our wednesday night ministry options starting this week – we’ll be doing the daniel series by beth moore and another new men’s series called “men’s fraternity – the quest for authentic manhood” – going to be great. we’ve had a tremendous response to it and i believe it’ll be pivotal for our church this year.



One response

6 03 2007

I clicked on your first link expecting to read some great and spiritual article to guide me through my week… instead I see a sports article. I’m so disappointed. 😦

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