dr. seuss and the braves

2 03 2007

been needing some down time…today is the day…the icing on the cake…the braves are on espn, and francouer just hit one out of the park.

had a chance to hear jeff francouer give his testimony at the athens fca a couple of months ago – gotta love the guy, he’s the real deal – his walk is authentic and he’s not ashamed of it. he did a great job (considering he’s a ball player and not a public speaker) – the event was great. he talked about one point at the beginning of last season where he was struggling to get the bat going…after one game on the west coast he literally walked back to the hotel a little over 3 miles – in the pouring rain – when he arrived his fiance and family were waiting for him and concerned. he said that in that 3 mile walk in the rain that God had cleansed him and he turned over the last 10% of his life – btw, the 10% he was hanging on to was his ball playing ability – i ask you, “what are you holding on to?” – bottom line, God wants 100% – that’s what He gave, that we wte need to give!

also today, got to sleep a little later than normal – then had an appt @ 9am and headed to school to read to my wife’s second grade class – in case you didn’t know…march 2nd is “Read Across America” – i read “The Sneeches and Other Stories” – had a blast – here’s more on the day from Seusville… – everyone should read a Dr. Seuss book today.

well, now the braves are down 3-1 so i have to get back to watching the game – won’t be long until spring is here, the braves will be back in the ATL and we’ll all be cutting grass again…go braves!

UPDATE: it’s now tied 3-3 – see ya…




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