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1 03 2007

there are a handful of guys that blog that i really enjoy reading…want to just pass these links along to:1.) give props to them; 2.) make you aware of the “voices in my head” – ok, not really, there are no voices…however, i think we have to be careful to whom we have “backstage access” – these bloggers have backstage access in the sense that i really value their writing, their ministries and their vision. only know one of them, and probably will never know most of them…that’s not important. what’s important is that these guys are getting it done in the kingdom and i love that – btw, i may or may not agree with everything they write – doesn’t matter – first i don’t think they would agree with all that i write – i just like the iron sharpening iron aspect of the blogosphere. here are my top reads everyday (ones i actually read through and don’t skim through):

  1. mark batterson (love the fact that we share the same spiritual dna…we’re both a/g pastors; mark’s the consummate word-smith and idea-smith)
  2. gary lamb (this guys is a church planter and is raw…love his heart for reaching men! – plus a fellow dawg fan that comes to athens occasionally…look me up gary & lets grab some georgia bbq in dawg town!)
  3. tony morgan (tony’s sharp and brings a refreshing and witty sarcastic approach to ministry & life)
  4. perry noble – (reaching the upstate of SC for Christ with no apologies; fresh ministry ideas and not afraid of a confrontation – he’s intense and focused on what God’s put in his heart)
  5. tony mccollum (back on the scene, just down the road from our home)
  6. dino rizzo – (another spirit-filled leader making a huge evangelistic impact)
  7. jeff smith (college roommate that’s still getting it done as a youth pastor)

Check out these links, sign up for their feeds and don’t call me on the carpet when i quote one of them…




3 responses

1 03 2007

Great list – thanks for the links. Let me know what you think of mine

2 03 2007

I’m glad you are finally fessing up to the voices in your head!(LOL) Thanks for the links. Been thinking about posting my favorite blogs to read on my site so others can enjoy. Scary that we think alike!

6 03 2007
dan ohlerking

thanks for the link to – he’s my boss, my friend, and my pastor. cool to see how God’s using his blog…

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