wrap up for tonight

28 02 2007

just got home after a really long day at church…3 meetings, one benevolence situation, few phone calls, 1 sermon written…man, i’m tired – time to watch american idol, unwind and kill some time before heading to bed…however,

however, as i said, just have to praise God…really felt that i was supposed to deal the subject of the baptism in the holy spirit – i’ll be honest, i wrestled with it because i wasn’t planning to go there with tonight’s talk – however, after a little more internal wrestling, prompting and a confirmation through another individual i, at the last minute, added it to the notes and “flew into motion” with it…

short praise report – really felt like i was able to clear some misconceptions and false understanding that people had tonight – one person reported being baptized in/with (what ever you want to say) and i really challenged the others that were seeking to continue to do so – i really believe we’ll have more reports before next week that others have also been baptized in the holy spirit – just wanted to praise God for his amazing love and gift of “the promise of the Father”…




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