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28 02 2007

one last blog for the evening…say a quick prayer for me tomorrow and especially tomorrow night…i’ll be on the campus of uga doing a talk to our college ministry – Bulldog Christian Fellowship – tackling the wonderful issues of dating, purity, and relationships – really looking forward to it! we start at 8pm tomorrow night if you think about it and can say a quick prayer then…thanks!




One response

1 03 2007
Jeff Smith

Tell ‘um, “zip it or clip it.” ha ha

Good luck with the “purity” thing. I bring it up in my youth group about every other time I speak – it seems. They’ve got to understand that God is not down on sex and He’s not trying to make their life miserable. It’s like a parent telling a child not to touch a hot stove, not to run into traffic or be a Duke fan. God is protecting them. AND (while I’m preaching here) “purity” is more than “no sex.” It is a heart issue. Control the heart, control the body. (that’s pretty good, I just came up with that – you’ll have to quote me now if you use that line – and send me a dime).

I’m praying for you buddy – somebody better


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