26 02 2007


First, my apologies to the great people at Northpoint – I was just informed by Jim over at that the videos were intended for participants of the 2006 drive conference…I picked up the link from another site on which I’m pretty sure the blogger was indeed a participant…so, I’ve removed the link and made the following editorial changes below…regardless, there are other sites listed below which offer a ton of free goodies to churches (Jim also has a wiki with add’l resources available). As well, Jim also has pulled together a great list of resources that Northpoint has made available for free to churches and I still respect the heck out of those guys in the ATL!

Just found out that Northpoint is making last year’s video sessions available on-line for church leaders – man, you gotta respect the heck out of those guys (that’s north Georgia slang right there…).

One of the country’s greatest Christian leaders is making available the conference from last year which cost hundreds of dollars per person to attend – what a great heart, what a great ministry.

I love the fact that more and more of the Church is going open-source…there are many Christian leaders that are opening up their ideas and making them available for FREE! I love it! Hope we see more of it in the Body of Christ and since I’m in the pentecostal portion of it – I really hope I see it happen within the pentecostal leaders segment…they need to step up to the plate and stop the “ownership mentality” – face it, the fact of the matter is, God’s the one that’s given you the creativity and anointing – please don’t put that on the market. I’m going on notice here as saying that if we don’t see the pentecostal leaders step up and open up, they will quickly see their portion of influence take a nose-dive – something I don’t want to see happen!

Here are the videos from northpoint – check them out as you have time…

And, here are some other free “goodies” that churches can use…I’ll post some links to other sites that pertain to churches later…

  1. eleven72 – Free stills and motion backgrounds
  2. FaithVisuals – Free backgrounds, countdown and video clips
  3. Floodgate Productions – Free worship background
  4. Igniter Media Group – Free loop
  5. Meatloaf Media – Free loops
  6. RevoStock – Free background
  7. Sermonade – 1100 free stock photos
  8. SermonSpice – Free money video
  9. – Free motion background
  10. Student Ministry Resources – Free videos, countdowns and graphics
  11. The Shoutable Store – Free video and motion background
  12. The Work of the People – Free video
  13. Video100 – Free animation
  14. WordSearch Media – Free video clips
  15. Worship Films – Free backgrounds (including one HD background) and videos
  16. Worship Graphics – Free image themed sets
  17. WorshipHouse Media – Free service starter video



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26 02 2007

I was listening to a teaching CD on the way to Huntsville this weekend. The pastor said he got a letter saying that he recognized as an Apostle and for $300 he could receive the title … or something along those lines. How ridiculous that the church puts price tags on God given “titles” and ideas.

26 02 2007
Jim Walton

I’ve started a wiki for church tech resources and there is already a section there for free resources. I would love for your list and the drive videos to be added to the wiki. It’s at

There are some great resources out there already and the more we can add, the better it is for everyone.

So, if you want to add them, that would be cool or let me know and I could add them.

Thanks for posting this, I can’t wait to check out Drive!

26 02 2007
Jim Walton

oops, apparently I didn’t close the link correctly. is the address of the wiki.

27 02 2007
Church Tech Matters » Drive Conference Videos

[…] to Value the Process for making me aware of the Drive Conference videos, which led me to dig a little deeper. His same […]

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