25 02 2007

hey, thinking about moving everything over to google since they’re destined to take over microsoft one day anyway – would love to hear from some people that use google for the following: calendar, to do, blog reading, email (sole email) – let me hear the pros and cons – in my mind it seems like the natural thing to do so that i can always have net capability to calendars, blogs, etc – love to hear the good and bad…




One response

26 02 2007
Jeff Smith

I use google mail – gmail – all the time. It is good. If you still like to use outlook or some other pop3 method, gmail can download to that. The cool thing is I can check it from anywhere. Rhonda has a yahoo account, gmail is WAY better.

As for the other stuff. I’ve not ventured out there yet. I have done a few document with google. That way you can work on them from any computer. But I really don’t think about it much. I’m really thinking to move ALL my stuff to a portable hard drive so I can work at church, home and laptop.

hope this helps.

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