tobyMac update

24 02 2007

ok, so, i’ve had the new cd about 3 days now and am totally digging it…

the lyrics are tight and have a great message, great melodies and soulful singing…

the music and programming are stylistically ordinary for tobyMac – there’s something to please everyone on here – crunchy guitars, old school beatbox, great drums, samples from across the noise board

the message is a great blend of racism cancellation, hope, purpose, love and some fun mixed it – on a side note, his son (TruDog) has grown a lot – if you follow tobyMac you know that it’s a standard for him to appear somewhere on the disc – TruDog lays down some great old school rap that’s very similar to DC Talk’s early stuff – great fun!

headed now to check out the street team site since i know he’s headed to Athens in a couple of months – wonder if he’ll have any “perks” for street teamers – gotta find out -regardless, after giving this disc my standard multiple-listen-throughs – I’m going to be at the concert…look for me there, I’ll be the guy with blue jeans on and a red “portable sounds” t-shirt (which i picked up for free by pre-ordering the disc through lifeway) – everyone needs to be in athens at this concert




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