thursday night mind dump

23 02 2007

first, last night was great – i had so much fun teaching and the people were really getting it it seems – that’s my observation based on just the feedback i got – for me, that’s one way of knowing when i’m teaching/preaching on target, in the anointing…when i have fun and when i get something out of it – both of those things happened…

on another note – got the new Toby Mac CD today – loving it! You’ve got to check it out! “Boomin” is right now my favorite cut on the disc…

my daughter’s sick – it stinks! seems there’s a stomach virus going around and she’s got it – oh the benefits of public education – throw in the fact that my wife’s a teacher and we get multiple opportunities to deal with this stuff…

today’s my wife’s birthday! Yea for my wife! Yea for God bringing her into my life – I’m an amazingly blessed man to have such a great friend and a great woman of God…

picked up a new book today (well, new to me anyway, it’s been out a while) – looking forward to reading “Chasing Daylight” by Erwin Raphael McManus…the promo on the back says, “we all have dreams, hopes and aspirations. Why, then, do some of us realize our dreams and advance forward while others watch timidily from a distance and hope for a break?”

On that note…here’s a true test of character – how do you respond when other’s dreams are being reached and fulfilled and your’s hasn’t come to pass – there’s something in the Word about the vision “tarrying” – man, waiting is such a tough thing to do…

watching american idol right now…man this thing drags on for ever! just want it to get down to 12 and get the show going – they waste too much time on all the pre-season stuff…

my son is headed off this weekend for his first disciplel now – i remember being a youth pastor and some of my kids attending these – going to be a great weekend for him – looking forward to what’s going to impact him…

our building has a roof on the front portion – so cool to see that thing come up out of the ground and watch the progress little by little – can’t wait until we start holding services in there this summer…




2 responses

24 02 2007

The book sounds really good. Let me know how you like it. I might need to add it to my ever growing “need to read” list.
Amen to the American Idol comments! I can’t get into it until they weed out the ho hum talent and narrow it down to the top 12!

24 02 2007
Chris Collick

I’m a little jealous about the fact that you got the new TobyMac CD. Glad it sounds great…I may ask to borrow it sometime. 😉

Hope that Alyssa’s feeling better. I’m somewhat under the weather this morning, myself. I slept at least 10 hours last night and still trying to shake off this head cold.

I got my WordPress blog started on Hope, Households and Hockey Pucks and put a little plug in for your blog. Feel free to visit it sometime (username is ccollick).

God bless and see you Sunday!

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