delivered from funky town

21 02 2007

so…here’s the story…i’ve been sort of bummed…several reasons…none of enough importance to hash out here!

Now, I’m not!


Glad I asked (if you’re reading this, then you are asking…)

  1. I’m married – and because I’m married I have a spouse I can talk with about anything and I do talk about her with everything – that was the first and smartest thing I could’ve done (other than talking to God, which I had been) – seems God wanted to use her to help get me out of funky town
  2. God’s timing – got a message on my myspace site today from someone in our congregation that really just encouraged me – the timing was a God thing. I don’t normally need affirmation (actually we all do), and I try to not exist on it – but the timing was God and I know it
  3. Phone call from my college roommate – what great timing jeff – thanks – really encouraged because of that!
  4. Prepping for tonight’s lesson – it’s going to be great! I’m digging what I’m teaching tonight – I believe people will be encouraged and freedom brought into their lives – God has anointed me to teach this tonight – can’t wait till 7pm – only 1 1/2 hours left – oh yea, the reason I’m stoked is because the Word has been encouraging me all day long as I prepped



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