who owns the pain?

15 02 2007

Was teaching last night about how God can use our experiences to serve Him and serve others…in other words, I personally know of women that have been sexually abused as children or young adults, but they’ve allowed God to use that awful, “hell-on-earth” experience to reach out to others that have faced that attrocity or something similar.

As I was teaching, it seemed God dropped a thought into my mind – it surely wasn’t in my notes…

When it comes to our Painful Past, we have 2 choices regarding ownership: 1.) we can choose to own the past; or, 2.) we can choose to allow God to own the past.

Although I’m surely no counselor and I can’t identify with the pain that some have gone through…I know that when I allow God to own my past, He’s able to use it for my future! In other words, He can use to serve others, to comfort them, to love them and to have understanding for them. However, when I choose to own my past, then my past owns me – I become engulfed, self-seeking, self-serving, bitter and trapped by my past.

By the way, I was teaching about how God can use our Positive Past and our Painful Past to serve Him and others. Joseph’s a great example – check out Gen. 37-50.




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