12 02 2007

Back in Georgia after last week’s excursion to Arizona – so cool to see another aspect of God’s creation – the mountains were wicked cool – no trees…lots of rocks. Anthony and I climbed one behind the church – Prayer Mountain. Great fun…So, getting back I have over 300 emails – mostly spam, not that many are really interested in emailing me. My desk is covered up with paperwork to sort through, file or trash. My laptop has to be cleaned up – I spilled Coke on the keyboard on the flight back – not good! Which leads me to this thought…with the level of backlash that we experienced on the trip, it’s obvious God is wanting us to all take some key things away…and Satan is none to happy about that!

On our trip to AZ we lost (or had stolen) one piece of luggage which contained the keys to the vehicle we drove to the airport in ATL, we (or, I) locked the keys in the rental vehicle and had to call a locksmith out at 11pm (not cheap in Phoenix – they know you’re at their mercy), I messed up my back which just about shut me down one day and I spilled coke on my laptop.

Having said all of that…this was by FAR the best investment COTN has ever made on their pastoral staff…and for that I’m really thankful. We were able to SEE vision come to life, we were all extremely encouraged and we were all challanged. Personally, I was challanged to step outside of my box and expect God to do more…I was challanged to see people in a new and loving way – ministry, in it’s most basic essence, is all about people!




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