pfa wrap up

8 02 2007

Getting ready to head to Sky Harbor in Phoenix to fly back to Georgia – be so glad to get home…

I must admit, I really prefer to be at home – I miss my wife incredibly when I’m away like this…I miss my kids also – can’t wait to be home tonight – enough about that – on to my wrap up from Tommy Barnett’s 30th Annual Pastor’s School…

Going to hit some negative items first – not to criticize, more to make a digital note to self on what to do next time here:

  1. Build more free time in – the conference is packed – way too packed IMHO – but, having said that, I have to make more time to have down time and process time
  2. The session last night – “the mother of all services” as Pastor Barnett called it – was somewhat of a let down – guess I got spoiled by being in the church which is incredible equipped with sound, lighting, comfortable seating (on the floor that is, the balconieS are terrible – 2 balconies!) – so, headed to Phoenix Memorial Coliseum which was built right after The Flood. Darlene Zcesch sang one song – she came from Australia to sing one song – simply ridiculous – wouldn’t endorse putting together a “big name” ticket and not giving them the platform more – having said that, we left as Pastor Barnett was wrapping up, so I guess she may have come back and sang one or two more…doubt it though – bottom line: the venue was a let down – should’ve kept it simple – hope they will next year.

Now the good stuff:

  1. The messages of last night’s speakers were a huge impact on me – Joyce Meyer preached for 15-20 minutes about love; Bishop T.D. Jakes talked about the passage from Philippians 3. He preached about the 4 r’s (redemption, relationship, revelation, reaching) that held up the “crown jewel” which Jakes identfied as being the problem most pastors have – “forgetting what is behind” – I wonder how many times I’ve read that and NEVER seen it! We tend not to forget the past, but Paul learned that he had to forget the past in order to get to the future! Great stuff!
  2. My personal encounter with God on this journey has reminded me that ministry=people – that’s the formula – most formulas are something like A+B=C – this has no addition, subtraction, etc – it’s simply ministry=people – that’s what we’re called to – we’re called to people. I’ve made it my prayer that God would help me see people as He does – whether they are broken, homeless, drug-addicted, gay or whatever – God loves them and He wants his children to be whole – we’re called to help that process – it’s called the ministry of reconciliation.
  3. Climbed prayer mountain yesterday – the mountains in the desert are really different – no tree, mostly brush (sage??), rocks and dirt. Somewhat of a trecherous climb if you’re not careful – but oh so worth it. Standing at the bottom with Anthony, I almost talked myself out of it – too far, too steep, not the right shoes…and the list goes on. But I decided to press on! Amazing, when I stopped looking at how large the mountain was and just started walking, the journey suddenly become much more manageable! The steps were easier (although not all were easy), the height wasn’t noticed as much. In all, probably took 20-25 minutes to climb, then took some photos, parted ways and prayed. God spoke. I listened. I humbled myself. He lifted me up.
  4. Then we went to the morning session where I had this wet moisture begin to trickle down my face – God humbled me this time – there was a drastic difference between when I humbled myself and when He humbled me – wow – breakthrough in a major way. I really began to see again God’s heart for people – I needed this.
  5. Finally, I mentioned God spoke…he said to me, “I have called you to no small thing” – I’m processing what that means…but I’m stoked about the days that are ahead – “the best is yet to come.”

Well, headed to ATL…love Phoenix, but man I miss home – I’m coming home Patrice…see you soon.




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