day 1 @ pfa

6 02 2007

The pastoral staff is here in Phoenix taking in Tommy Barnett’s Pastor’s School – what an event!

Tonight was the kick off – 245 (read that # again) 245 individual ministries have been birthed out of this church – Phoenix First Assembly of God – can I just say it for all of us – wow! Simply a-maz-ing!

But that’s what happens when you put roots down in a community – tonight I watched Pastor Barnett hug on the “special people” (those with special needs), talk with the bus kids, interact with teens and former gang members – simply put – wow! What a man of vision…

Which leads me to…vision – what is it about vision that compels people to serve…to reach out…to make a difference? I believe its this – the ability to help people see the vision with tangible, concrete, simple pictures. You see, vision, in theory – that’s vision that’s talked about as theory, will do no good – people can’t bite their teeth into it. You’ve got to give people something they can “taste” – “taste and see that the Lord is good” is one of my favorite Scriptures because it puts the goodness of God into something palatable and something that can be experienced with the senses – that’s what vision must do!

Tomorrow, Pastor Barnett will be teaching from his over 30 years of expereince (the dude’s 69 and looks great and has a TON of energy) – he’ll be talking about the princinples that he’s picked up along the way – look for the notes in tomorrow’s blog.

Finally, if anyone’s here that may read this (i.e. you google or technorati this search and find my blog), then look me up – I’ll be the guy down on the floor with the other 7000 people – except I’ll be wearing a red shirt tomorrow.




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