sunday nights unwind

29 01 2007

sitting here watching national geographic channel do a special on harley’s…always wanted one – it’d be great…

oh well, the reason i’m sitting here watching it is because i have all this stuff running down my throat that’s keeping me coughing when i lay down – i wanted to go to sleep well over an hour ago, but gave up on it when i kept coughing (and keeping my wife awake).

this weekend was fun. we had an extra 3 kids in tow with us everywhere we went…really gives me a new appreciation for large families – we’re pretty content with our family of 4…it’s be tough to imagine a family of 7 all the time. our kids had a blast though…so did we.

today was packed – i had two places to be during sunday school, i made it to both. i peaked in on the service for perhaps a total of 5 minutes all day. was prepping for ‘starting point’ – our membership class – we had 6 people attend the 2 hour class – i think i like this format of doing it right after the service. provided lunch and childcare for everyone which costs, but i think the quality time was well worth it – excited about the new people joining the vision of cotn. finished that up at 2pm, ran one of the class participants home since he had no ride home, then headed to a uga men’s basketball game (still with 5 kids in tow) – all i can say is WOW! what a game. here’s the detailed article, but the short version is we won with a 3 point shot that was 3-4 feet behind the 3 point line with .6/second left – stukes drained the bottom of the net with an amazing shot. got out right at 5, headed back to church for our fpu class – this class really has a different vibe than the first one – not sure if it’s because it’s smaller, or perhaps because there are a lot of people outside of cotn taking it – it’s cool though, they’re getting it still.

which leads me to now…now i sit, cough, deal with stuff, and listen to the harley builders talk about their craft – such detail and passion for their craft – makes me think…i always want that attention to detail and passion in what God has called me to do




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