Off-Road Disciplines pt.2

11 01 2007

So, I’ve read a few more pages in the Earl Creps book Off-Road Disciplines (Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders) – I’m up to chapter 7 now and haven’t posted in a while…I’ll try to come back and recap chapters 3-6 – but I was really challanged in chapter 6 and had to put down in print…

Chapter 6 is titled “Humility: The Discipline of Decreasing” – I want to summarize what was most challanging for me.

As leaders we’re quick to think that we are “central” (his phrase and a good one to use) to everything that goes on…that we are the all-knowing ones…that we are the ones that are all-powerful, never needing assistance from anyone…that we’re able to be everywhere at once that we’re needed – those are all descriptors of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence – something only God is.

So, the remedy for these is being able to use the 3 following phrases:

  1. “I Don’t Know” – we’re too afraid to use this, it indicates a weakness to our “position” (whatever that is…ministry isn’t about position though…I’ll blog about that another day though…)
  2. “I Need Your Help” – we become too dependent upon ourselves and forget to realize that it’s God who has put us in relationship in the BODY of Christ – that means we need each other – by using this phrase I admit my weakness and my necessity for you
  3. “I Am Sorry” – wow! This can be a tough one for some leaders – however, if we don’t use this phrase and use it when it’s warrented, we exalt ourselves…

By the way, anything that we do to exalt ourselves is the exact opposite of humility…




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