fired up!

8 01 2007

One of the posts that I always enjoy reading is Perry Noble – he pastors a church in Anderson, SC.

In today’s post he knocks the ball out of the park when it comes to the issue of entertainment and the church – let me bottom line it: would I rather entertain you or bore you? HMMMMM! Don’t have to think too long about that one.

When I was a youth pastor I quickly learned that I couldn’t hold the attention of my youth group for very long if I had a boring talk that night. This is where I quickly formed one of my core beliefs about ministry:

Revelation + Inspiration = Communication

Revelation – Inspiration = Perspiration

In other words, we’ve got to have an inspiring message to bring – what makes it any different for adults than it is for children or youth? Nothing! My personal goal: Bring the inspiration to the revelation.

Here’s Perry’s post if you’d like to read – really good stuff and he’s fired up too! I like the fact that he’s not afraid to call a spade a spade – if churches are not growing we’ve got to deal with it!




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