growth goals for ’07 (not too original…but it works)

2 01 2007

Someone in the blog-world made the statement that the “man-laws” won’t permit men to make resolutions…(or some resemblance to it)…

Then I came across this idea and I really liked it so I thought…that’s what I’ll do – except of course I have to make it my own. Well, since it’s been a day or so since I read the last comment, I’ll put down what I can remember (Gary had 6, I’m only doing 5 because I think it fits me – no problem w/what he did – just got to make it my own…). So, here are my 5 ‘H’s’ for life and perspective for the year we’re presently in. Anyone that reads this, feel free to comment and help hold me accountable (I”m pretty sure that’s about 2 people)…

  1. Holiness – gotta start here! If things aren’t right with God, then I’m screwed! My goal is that every thought become captive (2 Cor. 10:5), that every action be the one that Christ wants (Col. 3:17), that every word (Col. 3:17) be exactly what is needed. Within this goal I have some some goals: spend more time in prayer in this place – that means dedicating more time in Outlook to this – if I don’t schedule it, it’s too easy for it to be pushed aside; another goal, get through the Word more this year – this is going to be much easier this year for a couple reasons – first, I’m going to set my Bible software to schedule out a reading plan for the year in the New Testament alone – second, I’m going to begin working through the Old Testament on mp3 thanks to the wonderful gift from my wife – because I have over an hour commute each day (total) I can plan to spend about 40-45 minutes listening to the OT; the final sub-goal is to listen to more worship music – the Bible says that He will surround us with songs of victory(Ps. 32:7) – so, I’ve got to make the deliberate choice to listen to more music that speaks of victory and less music that is…I hate this phrase…secular. This is not me speaking from a conviction that secular music is wrong/bad/ungodly – rather it’s me saying that I need to play a role in the “songs of victory” part by making different (not better or worse) choices. Ultimately, holiness is an issue of the heart – no matter of praying, reading or listening can cover an unclean heart – my goal this year…to make every effort to keep my heart pure every day!
  2. Home – the place where ministry begins! (For many, the place where ministry ends because they neglect this as a priority). It’s great having been married for 15 years (this year will be #16) – the really cool thing is that we love each other more than ever AND we still learn things about one another we never knew or simply had forgotten (probably a result of not getting younger…as opposed to getting older…). Being married to Patrice is an adventure in a really good way! I love her and am more committed to her than ever before. When I think about the treasure that God brought to me in her, I’m overwhelmed – let’s just say I married up. My role as a husband is first, then I’m a parent. I was hugging my wife last night and we had kissed a couple of times when I looked over and saw Josh looking at us – typically, he’s grossed out and runs to another room. Last night he had a big smile on his face and although he didn’t say it verbally, that smile said, “My parent’s love each other and I have nothing to worry about ever” – know what, he’s right! I’m glad he was able to SEE our love for one another. One of the sub-goals in this “h” is to date my wife more – even if it’s once a month or once every other month, that’ll be an improvement over years past – got to do it more. Also, I want Patrice and I to take our kids on more dates (she and Josh, me and Alyssa, all 4 of us, etc.) – it’s a great thing to see your children grow older and mature – it’s even greater when love is contagious, real and evident!
  3. Humility – this is honestly one I can struggle with sometimes. Being wired the way I am – as both a leader (big picture kind of guy) and an administrator (detail-oriented kind of guy), it’s really easy to “fly into motion” as one of my best friends says and take charge – unfortunately, along with taking charge, I’m too quick to take credit also. I want more people to be encouraged and propelled forward into greater things because I’m taking more of a “backseat.” I want to add value to more people.
  4. Health – started working on this in ’06 – this year I want to add one more day of working out (for a total of 4 days a week) along with making better food choices. I made a startling realization one Wednesday night in late ’06 as I was teaching – I was out of breath and I had just started. What everyone else perceived as me being a slow, methodical communicator who doesn’t speak too fast, was really me gasping for air in between words/phrases because I sit most of the day. After that night, I told Patrice I’ve got to get back into shape. I can now stand in front of a crowd and at least talk for a while without getting winded, but I have a long way to go. Thankfully, my annual physical (the one I have every 5 years) showed nothing wrong with my health. Personally, though, I need to lose about 30 pounds and replace some of my fat with some muscle. I also need to condition my heart so that it’ll work effectively in my older age.
  5. Hunger – in short, I’ve got to grow as a leader if I’m going to see all that God is going to do through me. I have set as a sub-goal for this point the goal of becoming more deliberate in my reading (this input has been critical for me forming this goal) – shooting for 6ooo pages this year – that’s 500/month or 125/week – should be no problem. I’ve also set a sub-goal of learning more from other people – this means I have to not be the center of everything and find out what’s happening in other people’s worlds. Some of the learning will come through in the form of blog-reading. This past year, at one point, I was up to about 60 blogs that I was subscribed to (although some only post once every month or so)…I narrowed that down to 43 at last check, but I’m scanning the horizon for other leaders that are making a meaningful contribution to the Kingdom. I read all of my blogs through an aggregator called Bloglines (which you should use because it saves a ton of time) – I’m going to make mine available for others that may want to see what I’m reading (click here) This goal will help me continually grow as a husband, father, man, leader and follower of Christ.



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