sunday nights unwind

29 01 2007

sitting here watching national geographic channel do a special on harley’s…always wanted one – it’d be great…

oh well, the reason i’m sitting here watching it is because i have all this stuff running down my throat that’s keeping me coughing when i lay down – i wanted to go to sleep well over an hour ago, but gave up on it when i kept coughing (and keeping my wife awake).

this weekend was fun. we had an extra 3 kids in tow with us everywhere we went…really gives me a new appreciation for large families – we’re pretty content with our family of 4…it’s be tough to imagine a family of 7 all the time. our kids had a blast though…so did we.

today was packed – i had two places to be during sunday school, i made it to both. i peaked in on the service for perhaps a total of 5 minutes all day. was prepping for ‘starting point’ – our membership class – we had 6 people attend the 2 hour class – i think i like this format of doing it right after the service. provided lunch and childcare for everyone which costs, but i think the quality time was well worth it – excited about the new people joining the vision of cotn. finished that up at 2pm, ran one of the class participants home since he had no ride home, then headed to a uga men’s basketball game (still with 5 kids in tow) – all i can say is WOW! what a game. here’s the detailed article, but the short version is we won with a 3 point shot that was 3-4 feet behind the 3 point line with .6/second left – stukes drained the bottom of the net with an amazing shot. got out right at 5, headed back to church for our fpu class – this class really has a different vibe than the first one – not sure if it’s because it’s smaller, or perhaps because there are a lot of people outside of cotn taking it – it’s cool though, they’re getting it still.

which leads me to now…now i sit, cough, deal with stuff, and listen to the harley builders talk about their craft – such detail and passion for their craft – makes me think…i always want that attention to detail and passion in what God has called me to do


first focus

14 01 2007

As I blog today, it’s following our Sunday service – WOW! What a day!

Pastor Mel has been teaching about our “shared” purposes on Sundays – especially as a church. I’m bringing some focus on Wednesday night by teaching about our specific purpose – the series I’m doing is called ID:the true you. In it, I”m basically using the next 8 weeks to look at how God has “wired” each of us. The first week I dove headlong into the issue of serving – the fact is, it’s in our ministry that we find our meaning! I shared with the crowd the thing that God had impressed upon me which is: Worship! Serve! Connect! – if you’re short-changing any of those three, you’re not walking in obedience to God and in all that He has for you!

Then, this morning, Pastor Mel taught about how the Word of God has to determine our thinking – he talked about how the prosperity message isn’t a message about $$$ – it’s about prospering in what the Word has to say for our lives! Good stuff – should be able to check it out in couple of weeks online.

Then, the sad news, a good friend of mine gave us tix to go see the Lady Dawgs play tenessee (spelling and lower case – intentional!) – we lost – we were close at one point closing their lead to just 2 points – but they played a hard-fought, physical game. First time we’ve seen the Lady Dawgs play – man, I love living near Athens – so cool to catch a game like that with so little planning.

unfolding destiny

12 01 2007

Eccleiastes 3:15 says, “Whatever exists now has already been, and whatever will be has already been….”

So, here’ a thought…if God knows our beginning from our end, that means that whetever we face, He knew about it already. Sounds elementary, until we realize that God begins with our destination and unfolds it daily in our lives – it’s called destiny.

If you don’t have a high sense of destiny, perhaps its because the daily unfolding of God’s destination has become muddied.

Personally, with the beginning of this new year, I’m in the process of allowing the Spirit of God to develop some personal disciplines. I’m blogging about it as I go, but am going to wait a bit longer to publish my thoughts. Suffice it to say, there’s more of a sense of destiny in my life at this point in time than ever before…

Loving the journey to the destination…

Off-Road Disciplines pt.2

11 01 2007

So, I’ve read a few more pages in the Earl Creps book Off-Road Disciplines (Spiritual Adventures of Missional Leaders) – I’m up to chapter 7 now and haven’t posted in a while…I’ll try to come back and recap chapters 3-6 – but I was really challanged in chapter 6 and had to put down in print…

Chapter 6 is titled “Humility: The Discipline of Decreasing” – I want to summarize what was most challanging for me.

As leaders we’re quick to think that we are “central” (his phrase and a good one to use) to everything that goes on…that we are the all-knowing ones…that we are the ones that are all-powerful, never needing assistance from anyone…that we’re able to be everywhere at once that we’re needed – those are all descriptors of omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence – something only God is.

So, the remedy for these is being able to use the 3 following phrases:

  1. “I Don’t Know” – we’re too afraid to use this, it indicates a weakness to our “position” (whatever that is…ministry isn’t about position though…I’ll blog about that another day though…)
  2. “I Need Your Help” – we become too dependent upon ourselves and forget to realize that it’s God who has put us in relationship in the BODY of Christ – that means we need each other – by using this phrase I admit my weakness and my necessity for you
  3. “I Am Sorry” – wow! This can be a tough one for some leaders – however, if we don’t use this phrase and use it when it’s warrented, we exalt ourselves…

By the way, anything that we do to exalt ourselves is the exact opposite of humility…

die an original

11 01 2007

Don’ t remember where I heard or read this…but it was a point that I brought out last night in my teaching on giftedness (called ID:the true you – borrowed the title from this guy) – here’s the quote in essence…

“The sad truth is that there are many people that are born an original and die a copy”

My takeaway…die the original that God created you to be!

Gators are nat’l champions

10 01 2007

just had to show some love to the florida gators – man, what a game! what a blowout!

here’s the deal…acc, big east, pac 10 – whatever…come and play in the sec – this is how football’s done!

because i live near and work in athens – home to UGA – i’ve since adopted them as a favorite – especially when they hired coach richt – love it when a guy is equally concerned about the people and developing the men that play as leaders.

so, there you have it…two loves…who do i pull for when they play each other? depends. usually, will pull for whoever it’s going to help the most to win…but for right now…let me say,

it’s great to be a florida gator…chomp, chomp, chomp – what’s a buckeye anyway?

fired up!

8 01 2007

One of the posts that I always enjoy reading is Perry Noble – he pastors a church in Anderson, SC.

In today’s post he knocks the ball out of the park when it comes to the issue of entertainment and the church – let me bottom line it: would I rather entertain you or bore you? HMMMMM! Don’t have to think too long about that one.

When I was a youth pastor I quickly learned that I couldn’t hold the attention of my youth group for very long if I had a boring talk that night. This is where I quickly formed one of my core beliefs about ministry:

Revelation + Inspiration = Communication

Revelation – Inspiration = Perspiration

In other words, we’ve got to have an inspiring message to bring – what makes it any different for adults than it is for children or youth? Nothing! My personal goal: Bring the inspiration to the revelation.

Here’s Perry’s post if you’d like to read – really good stuff and he’s fired up too! I like the fact that he’s not afraid to call a spade a spade – if churches are not growing we’ve got to deal with it!