reflecting on ’06

27 12 2006

At the end of last year I felt like the Lord wanted us to focus on one word as a family – simplify!

As I’ve reflected on that command I really feel like we’ve done a great job of it!

So, for this year (coming year) I feel like the Lord is telling me that it’s going to be a year of opportunity…dunno what that means – we’ll have to see. I also sense the Lord telling me it’s going to be a year of promotion. That one really dumbfounds me! I really don’t have a clue as to what that means, but I’ll take God at His Word and trust in Him – consequentlly, that means that I don’t want to spend  a lot of time trying to figure out what it means – I can’t play God.

So, here’s what I’m taking away from ’06 (lessons learned)

  1. Dentists are a gift from God!
  2. Trust in Him in all the pain.
  3. I’ve learned to say “no” to many things in ministry that aren’t on my radar
  4. I’ve learned to see what’s on my radar a lot better
  5. I’ve learned buld more margin into my life
  6. I’ve learned to seperate better ministry from family
  7. I’ve learned the value of health
  8. I’ve learned that there’s a difference between a fitness as a hobby and fitness as a lifestyle
  9. Trust God for big miralces!
  10. Hear God in the small things



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