Christmas ’06

27 12 2006

Well, Christmas ’06 is over and it’s a sad thing…

You see, I love Christmas…even the music which my wife seems to think I don’t love…there was a period of time when I didn’t but that’s because I was working in retail at the time and the constant music along with the serious spirit of dumb that everyone is afflicted with the day after Thanksgiving until New Year’s, made it a long, constant pain in the…buttocks.

But that was then, now I love it…the kids, the newphews and nieces (I really love being an uncle and I think Patrice and I do a really good job of being an aunt and uncle), the gifts, the food…all of the STUFF that makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year!

So here’s a few highlights from ’06 Christmas…

  1. Christmas Eve Candlelight service was great at COTN – the pantomime, the Christmas song, the message…all good things
  2. We hit all the family get-togethers…first there’s was Patrice’s dad, then her great-grandmother’s (which means it’s Josh and Alyssa’s great-great-grandmother…how cool), then my mom’s, then my dad’s…
  3. Christmas was ratched down this year thanks to Dave…we’re working hard to get out of debt totally and we’ve committed to scale back the gift giving and lifestyle
  4. The kids had a blast…so did the parents…
  5. It’s really important to value family and friends…



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