sunday night unwind…

12 11 2006

what a great couple of weeks…sure there’s the stuff that comes along with ministry that isn’t always pleasant to deal with…but, you know what? perspective is everything! Last weekend’s service saw 2 people receive Christ as their Lord!

This week we rolled out a new children’s church curriculum called High Point! – the kids seemed to love it! Our Children’s Ministry volunteers did and outstanding job of executing the program, the creativity and energy was high, the kids were tuned in, I hung around for about 30 minutes of the ministry time – it was awesome. So cool to be see the kids “getting it”!

Yesterday, Josh’s soccer team had their last game – Josh played half the game as keeper and did a great job. The other team had a few shots on goal – he only allowed one goal in (which, by the way, the other team consisted of 2 of our players because they didn’t have enough to field a team, had to forfeit, but we let the team scrimmage anyway) – so, in effect, because 25% of the opposing team was actually from our team, the 1 goal they scored only counts as .75 – we carry over the other .25 because of our players – of course, it doesn’t really matter, we won the game about 8-1! Josh scored 1 goal and had another assist. As for playing keeper, to the best of my knowledge, he’s only allowed about 4 or 5 goals all year, at best! Alyssa spent her time creating the next food network special – mudpies in 30 minutes or less! Ever had a mudpie served up in a coke bottle? Creativity at its best!

Finally, the dawgs pulled out a fantastic game over the auburn tigers – stafford now has a game that he’ll forever remember as “his” – plus, the seniors – like battle – get to end their sec career with a win over an sec opponent – gotta be a great feeling for them – they deserve it!




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