top 3 books i’m reading (right_now)

5 11 2006

1.) King Me! – this is a book for dad’s – it’s about bringing up sons – regardless of what stage of life they’re in…it’ll mess with you. this isn’t a book for “new dad’s” – it’s for any dad regardless of how old your son may be – it’s about bringing up your sons to reign in life…it’s messing with me in a really good way.

2.) In aPit with a Lion on a Snowy Day – from one of my online mentoring pastors…don’t really know Mark (never met him…saw him at catalyst, but that’s because he’s like 7 feet tall – ok, not really) – Mark has his finger on the pulse of the Body and is doing an awesome job of reaching 20-somethings – he’s relavant and spirit-filled. his church is AG like ours. pray for him, he has a heart to reach DC interns for Christ.

3.) Color Your World – just finished up the NCD process again at our church – results forthcoming. Christian’s approach on church-health is healthy and practical – this is a great tool for all churches




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