attitude check

21 11 2006

in our oh so fast paced society…it’s easy to forget the really important things in life. things like: family – especially distance family that you only see once in a while…perhaps only once every few years; friends – not the ones we do life with every day…the ones we did life with – you know the ones that got you to where you are now, the ones you helped get to where they are now, the ones that stayed up late with you in college to help you study, the ones who you played sports with and they challenged you only to make you better – just those 2 examples refine diligence and competitivenss within us all – man, there are so many more examples that i could give; we forget the simple things – like the fact that last night i slept in a warm home, while within any number of miles there were probably people that had no heat, bundled together trying to stay warm; we forget things like that songs we sing, the church we attend and serve, the neighbors who help you out when you face a major project.

So, in my busy-ness, i decided to pause for a moment (in this Thanksgiving season) to check my attitude about the things i SHOULD be thankful for…here are just a few…

my wife – what an awesome, Godly, beautiful woman – NEVER would have imagined that i’d have such a wonderful person to do life with – know what else – she’s more beautiful than ever! i love the life we share, the memories we make, the future we shape – together!

my son – such a cool person. i love the fact that Josh is Josh 24/7 – he’s not easily shaken in his faith – he’s strong. he’s serious about God and is a wonderful person to be with. he’s funny, witty and inteligent. i’m thankful that he likes taking rides with me in my truck so that we can ‘just talk’

my daughter – such a beautiful person. she has a strong personality (much like mine) and for that i’m thankful – she’s going to bold and determined in her walk with God. i’m thankful she’s ‘daddy’s girl’ – i pray she always will be. i love tucking her into bed (when its my turn) and singing to her – she doesn’t care that i’m not a good singer, just that i sing to her!

my mom – where i get much of my strength from – i’m thankful that she taught me some important character traits before ‘character education’ was cool – she instilled honesty, truthfulness and belief-in-your-family in me.

my dad – for having insisted that i go to church when i visited many years ago – i’m not sure where i’d be today if it weren’t for that!

my church – love serving there – what a privilege to serve the people of COTN – how cool is that?!!?

many more…perhaps i’ll add more if i have time – just felt it was muy importante to get it down(blog) and out(in public) – Thanksgiving isn’t the start of Christmas season – it’s its own season to be Thankful – one that runs from Thanksgiving day until Christmas eve for me this year…

may you be blessed and Thankful this season…


sunday night unwind…

12 11 2006

what a great couple of weeks…sure there’s the stuff that comes along with ministry that isn’t always pleasant to deal with…but, you know what? perspective is everything! Last weekend’s service saw 2 people receive Christ as their Lord!

This week we rolled out a new children’s church curriculum called High Point! – the kids seemed to love it! Our Children’s Ministry volunteers did and outstanding job of executing the program, the creativity and energy was high, the kids were tuned in, I hung around for about 30 minutes of the ministry time – it was awesome. So cool to be see the kids “getting it”!

Yesterday, Josh’s soccer team had their last game – Josh played half the game as keeper and did a great job. The other team had a few shots on goal – he only allowed one goal in (which, by the way, the other team consisted of 2 of our players because they didn’t have enough to field a team, had to forfeit, but we let the team scrimmage anyway) – so, in effect, because 25% of the opposing team was actually from our team, the 1 goal they scored only counts as .75 – we carry over the other .25 because of our players – of course, it doesn’t really matter, we won the game about 8-1! Josh scored 1 goal and had another assist. As for playing keeper, to the best of my knowledge, he’s only allowed about 4 or 5 goals all year, at best! Alyssa spent her time creating the next food network special – mudpies in 30 minutes or less! Ever had a mudpie served up in a coke bottle? Creativity at its best!

Finally, the dawgs pulled out a fantastic game over the auburn tigers – stafford now has a game that he’ll forever remember as “his” – plus, the seniors – like battle – get to end their sec career with a win over an sec opponent – gotta be a great feeling for them – they deserve it!

one last thing

5 11 2006

spoke on thursday night at bcf – i was pretty honored and grateful for the opportunity…

the assignment was james 4:11-17 – because it’s such a practical book i decided to begin with what james is hammering away in teh book there – 1.) he’s dealing with the tongue–don’t use it to speak evil toward your brothers and 2.) your time–don’t make elaborate plans – you’re not given tomorrow – it’s like a morning fog – which, by the way, doesn’t last long (‘morning’ gives away the extent).

then, because i’m really trying to move to just a ‘one point’ message – one thing to take away…i wrapped both of those things into one statement – ‘stop playing God’ – james is getting the point across that our time and our tongue are just two of the areas where we so try to remain in control all the time – all the while, playing God!

top 3 books i’m reading (right_now)

5 11 2006

1.) King Me! – this is a book for dad’s – it’s about bringing up sons – regardless of what stage of life they’re in…it’ll mess with you. this isn’t a book for “new dad’s” – it’s for any dad regardless of how old your son may be – it’s about bringing up your sons to reign in life…it’s messing with me in a really good way.

2.) In aPit with a Lion on a Snowy Day – from one of my online mentoring pastors…don’t really know Mark (never met him…saw him at catalyst, but that’s because he’s like 7 feet tall – ok, not really) – Mark has his finger on the pulse of the Body and is doing an awesome job of reaching 20-somethings – he’s relavant and spirit-filled. his church is AG like ours. pray for him, he has a heart to reach DC interns for Christ.

3.) Color Your World – just finished up the NCD process again at our church – results forthcoming. Christian’s approach on church-health is healthy and practical – this is a great tool for all churches

random thoughts saturday…

4 11 2006

since i haven’t blogged in a really long time – although i have several almost ready to publish – thought i’d at least give it a quick try…

  • first, alyssa’s team won today – of course in u6 soccer they don’t have ref’s, don’t have keepers, and don’t keep score – so, i figure its our obligation to keep score for them – of course, on a much quiter level – actually, i think we won – we had to leave halfway through the second half to get to josh’s game – when we left we were winning – so we did our part
  • josh’s team lost by only 1 goal – it was 2-1 – this was by far the best shooting team we faced all year and josh did a phenomenal job playing keeper – in the second half he easily could’ve seen 3 more goals, but he stepped up to the plate and played the best he’s ever played as keeper – totally loving the way he’s risen to the challenge of playing keeper at this age – he’s been tough! – that’s only 2 goals in the last 80 minutes of play!
  • dawgs are playing…i’m listening…our rushing and passing seem to be doing just ok, we’ve just got to stop the turnovers and learn to get the ball in the endzone and through the uprights…
  • boy i hope the dawgs win – i really think that a loss by the dawgs affects our service – you would think that spriritual maturity would be seperated from a sat afternoon game – don’t think so. it affects the overall mood and level of participation in the worship service – also affects how people receive the message – these are just my thoughts…
  • having a cold sucks! couldn’t sleep two nights ago – so i updated my facebook account – not sure why i have it…don’t have time for it much…anyway…the cold seems to be getting better…boy i hope so – sleepless nights are terrible
  • ridgestone‘s website is really cool – i checked it out a few weeks ago after they had re-done it, but it wasn’t complete – love the simplicity and flash on it
  • really heartbroken over what’s taking place in colorado springs with the ted haggard situation – i’ve looked at a lot of sites and opinions (other bloggers) and most are respectful, humble, shocked and praying – the thing that i see missing a lot is that we don’t need to just pray for haggard, we need to pray for the church, for the man that’s brought the allegations, for the Kingdom – this will leave a terrible “taste” in many people’s mouths regarding walking with Christ
  • i agree with mark that this is one of those times that i hate the words ‘evangelical’ ‘Christian’ and ‘republican’ are so intertwined.