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5 04 2006

I'm thinking about ALL that's going on right now…tons…

This Sunday's Palm Sunday – seems I'm so focused on Easter that I almost forgot to pause and look at the life of Christ during his last week prior to his death and burial. Next week, I'm planning on really portioning a part of my time daily to evaluate the life of Christ – especially during his last week before his death – man, there's so much that happened – I'm excited about what God's going to teach me through the process…

Then, there's the gear up for Easter Sunday…we've added another "buzz item" to the mix in trying to promo this Easter…during the service this Sunday we're going to enlist a "Street Team" – many rock groups do this (and other music genres) – it's a grass roots effort to spread the word about an upcoming event. We've printed 200 full color (great looking) 8 1/2 x 11 posters that we're going to plaster Athens with – coffee houses, bars, light poles (lots of bands do this in Athens), public notice places, work breakrooms, etc. I hope that the constant reinforcement of the tickets, the ads and the posters will generate add'l traffic on Easter Sunday…cool note follows…

One of our international students was saved in our ministry on Easter Sunday…this guys a world changer – he's making a huge impact around the world…won't go into the locaion…if you were with us, you know, if you weren't, it's ok, he's laid his life on the line – and it ALL started one Easter Sunday – the difference a day makes.

Then, theres a summer teaching series that Pastor and I will be doing…on what?…good question…praying…

Then, there's the remodeling we're trying to accomplish at home, the end of the year things for the kids, so much…

But, the most important is this…in a couple of hours, I'm going to step away from the office and take some much time needed off from the office. Man, I need it! I'll concentrate on these important things…being a husband and a dad!

Can't wait to put those hats on for several days…




3 responses

6 07 2006
Jeff Smith

UPDATE! I’ve updated my blog AND added yours as one I read. Now if you don’t update… awe, come on, update! Maybe there will be some NC style BBQ in it for you (Ummmmm, Parkers).

6 07 2006
Jeff Smith

I clicked on my name, under your comments and the link was bad. I fixed it, I think. Lets see…

6 07 2006
Jeff Smith

Yep, that did it. See ya Rick. Oh, yea, UPDATE!

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