learning on the run…

31 03 2006

running the race…that is – yea, i'd like to be the one touting the basic benefits of a good morning or evening run – but there are other bloggers doing that – why take up space (and lie)? So, I'm talking about running the race that God has for us – you know the one Paul referred to…

I've been learning a lot this year…it seems some of my focus has been on marketing/presentation. I've explored hundreds of church websites scanning for design elements and effectiveness. I've scanned dozens of web companies that offer design/hosting/etc for websites (still haven't found the right one that balances cost effectiveness with simplicity – we're not code-geniuses @ COTN – and also with beauty/attractiveness) – is there one out there? If you know of one, I need to know about it.

I've also gained an education in the logo design field (no, I'm not an artist) – that is, the process that's needed to go through to get the right image and representation. We've finally connected with I believe the right designer and the check's in the mail (hope you're reading this Jason).

Finally, I've learned a little about the process of being involved in a newspaper article (the good variety of course). I mentioned it in yesterday's blog…that the Oconee Enterprise had picked up a story and God gave us great favor with them in terms of the press we received. Here's the article headline – Building a Nation – can you ask for a better one? Being the critique'er of words (and now the inventor of words…is critique'er a word, it is now!), I have read the article several times and each time I'm left with the feeling that we were well represented, God is pleased and His favor rests upon us for such a time as this! I'll try to scan the article into pdf next week and post – unfortunately, because it's a local, rural, weekly paper there's not a copy to read on-line.

So, all this learning while on the run has benefited me greatly – hopefully COTN and the Kingdom! It's a sheer joy to serve Christ in these times, at this church, with His people, with His favor and blessing – ministry is fun!

Finally, I know many seasoned ministers have faced these situations before and now do so with relative ease – simply put, I'm happy for you (I really am…no sarcasm there). I just know for me, that in every season of life, I'm to gain the fruit that that particular season offers (or else I go through it again) – I think it's called learning a lesson…




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5 04 2006

That last comment reminded me of something I heard Joyce Meyer say, that you might as well learn the lesson God is trying to teach you through a certain situation, ’cause if you don’t you are going to have to put up with that situation again in the future and as many times as it takes for you to “get it”. Thank God for His grace & mercy and for being a teaching Father–may we all be quick-learning children.

13 04 2006
Jason McIntosh

We are so glad to assist you in this. My heart is to serve and help present the church with the excellence it deserves…no…REQUIRES in this day and age. I’m glad to have partnered with you!

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