favor of God

30 03 2006

so…we're planning towards Easter – the band & choir are kicking into overtime with extra prep time…we've got tickets we're giving out to everyone to challenge them to give them away – this is our first attempt at leveraging the power of buzz – here's how I see it coming together…

First, we had our "Taking Ground" Service (I'll post about this creative way of doing the typical Groundbreaking Ceremony) last month…I submitted press releases to the local papers…1 of them picks up on it and decides to run it as a feature in the paper that's mailed out to EVERYONE in the county (subscribers as well as non-) – God's favor!

Several weeks ago I came across something that Rick Warren used to do (maybe still does…?) – the concept hit me as being God's timing. I will send out a letter, passionately appealing to everyone to get the word out. How's that differ than anything else? Because our people won't be expecting it – they're used to seeing "stuff" from the Sr. Pastor or Exec. Pastor – but not me, and they haven't been challenged like this in quite a while (meaning I don't know when) in the form of a letter. I will painstakingly review every word/phrase/paragraph to make sure it communicates: passion, authentic

We're also taking out ads in the Athens paper to support and help increase awareness – the ads will reflect the artwork that's going to be printed on the tickets…

All of this is a synergistic effort to capatilize on 2 things: 1.) Buzz; 2.) Momentum…

What a great church…a great time to be serving in the Kingdom…can't wait to see what God's going to do

I've included copies of the tickets we'll be mailing out to everyone for you to take a look at…

easter ticket front.pdf

easter ticket back.pdf




One response

31 03 2006
Jeff Smith

Great looking tickets. Love to hear how you feel the response to your efforts in advertising goes.

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