the past and the present

28 03 2006

During prayer this morning at church we focused on several things… the blood of Christ, vision, our "Go Deep" services, our Sunday morning services…praying for our youth and children…praying for the upcoming launch of CARE Ministry…prayer for our members and the people that call COTN home.

Here's what God was speaking to me…the blood of Christ covers the past, the vision of God takes us into our future.

Pastor Mel has been teaching in various settings how the vision that God has for us (teaching from Habakuk 2) isn't meant for the past or the present – it's what God has for us for the future!

Later this AM, I'm scanning through my daily blog read and come across Brad's post about God's favor in terms of provision for locations and church planting…I took a few minutes to tune into his podcast and heard these two statements below. The first one…he mentioned the author (I don't remember) – the second, I'm pretty sure, has been recently stated by Mark Batterson

"We need to be reminded more than we need to be informed."

"We tend to remember what we need to forget and forget what we need to remember."

So, I'm processing these two comments in light of the "past" they tend to emphasize and the vision ("future") that we're embracing for us…here are my thoughts.

In Habakkuk 2, where the writer tells us to write the vision on tablets so that someone may run with it – it's not speaking of running with tablets – its speaking of having seen the vision, then we run with it – which means we remember it! …which means we remember the vision that God gives and move forward with it – we carry it – we are the carriers of the vision – but, first, we've got to see it!




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