this word keeps popping up…

23 03 2006


The word surfaced last week while I was prepping for a talk I would be leading here at our church…i’ll bottom line it here…culture is the sum total of our habits – i.e., our habits create our culture.

Here’s the cool thing, I’m reading through my blogs that i read everyday and Mark is talking about how he’s pondered the idea of hiring a Pastor of Culture…I say, bad choice, instead, put into every staff member’s job desription that they are the carriers of the culture or the keepers of the culture…spread the load so that everyone carries the responsibility…that’s my take…I’ll e-mail him these thoughts…in his words…for what it’s worth!

Also, two other things on my mind, one, Gary‘s hitting the nail on the head on his blog – we’ve got to be true to who we are in Christ – God redeemed us as we were – sure, there’s change involved, but conformity is a world away from change – God changes, man expects conformity! Something to think on…I’ll stick with conforming to Christ…and all that entails…
Then, Perry (although a Clemson fan, there’s hope), blogs about the priority our marriage should take over our ministry – check it out…

Finally, I want to add some subscription buttons along the side of my site – can someone help me out with the idiots guide to this…point me in the right direction…




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28 03 2006

Good to find your blog!

Try Feedburner to get some subscription buttons setup.

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