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21 03 2006

Just a quick post to highlight a couple of blogs in the sphere that are hitting the proverbial nail on the head…I thank God for this avenue of interaction…it provides an opportunity for challenge and perspective. Brad is a pastor up in the Detroit area that’s building for future generations…if I’m ever up in the area, his is a church I’m gonne check out – check out what he has to say about change and transitions. It’s so cool to see the Kingdom advanced and expanded…. Also, Mark is – as always – teaching with incredible insight and wisdom…the thing I like about both of these guys is that we share the same DNA (not in a literal sense, only in a spiritual sense). God is using these guys to speak into my life, check my thinking, challenge my motives, and aid me in keeping an eye out for the big pic…

Now, I’m going to go eat some of my wife’s incredible spaghetti…watch American Idol later (no feedback needed, I’m pulling for Mandisa, the sister’s got game when it comes to the pipes!!!) – plus, she’s a worship leader for Beth Moore at some of her conferences…praying for the sista!

Finally, on a totally unrelated note…funny video here 




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