20 03 2006

So, I’m still processing all that I took away from the Granger Regional Workshop in addition to what took place in a class that I was teaching yesterday here at COTN…here’s what’s going on…culture is the sum total of our habits. In other words, we have a culture of ______ because we have a habit of _____. So, how do we change that…well, as me and someone else were discussing, it’s not through a program a ministry or a discussion – it’s action baby! It takes us changing our actions to recreate the culture. Our habits are created by our actions – those things we do over and over.

There’s a challenge facing us here @ COTN that we need to overcome…I’ll not go into details, but suffice it to say that our culture needs some “modification.” How’s it start? Glad you asked…it starts with me. I can’t put the blame on someone else, it’s me. It’s others too, but it starts with me.

Man, these are great times we’re living in…God is pushing us forward, bringing growth, adding people to the core of our church, causing us to re-think how we’ve done things, developing a team-spirit here that I’ve never experienced – great times. God, help us to embrace everything you have for us, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else!




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