17 03 2006

Yesterday it was an early out in a couple of ways…

First, I got up to head to the ATL to check out Granger‘s Regional Workship (great idea…keep it rolling) at 5am – out of the house early to beat…cope with the ATL traffic. I saw the First Impressions workship last year in Indianna – but this year I was able to take our First Impressions leader, dispatch him to that workshop while I checked out the Simply Strategic Volunteers workshop. Tony and Tim did an incredible job of presenting it and keeping it real – you need to go if you get a chance!

Then, the second out, was the USA getting beat by Mexico! What’s up with that…rant coming on…I mean they’ve got some of the best players we’ve got to offer…the stranded runners in 5 of the 9 innings, went 0-7 with RISP…read more about it here…it’s disheartening…anyway, let the real season beign…ready for the Braves to prove the critics once again WRONG!

I was looking forward to perhaps meeting Gary Lamb, (no comment on his feet…others have the scene well covered) but I just read today that he had to duck out to minister to his family (although bathing and cooking, ur, ordering pizza, may not seem like…you did the right thing). Well another day…

Here are my key “takeaways” from the workshop…

1.) Not mentioned…exposure is key in ministry – we’ve got to keep a pulse on what’s going on in the Body of Christ – heading to other conferences allows that to happen – I’ve always known it and practiced it – everytime I go, it gets reinforced

2.) Hire leaders, not doers – self explanatory!

3.) We grow at the edges – i like this concept a lot…I think its true individually also – when we’re challenged, we’re at the edge, and we can grow there.




One response

18 03 2006
Gary Lamb

I was there for until after lunch, would have loved to hooked up with you….

If you are in the Atl, give me a shout and we’ll do lunch sometime, my treat.

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