tuned in

15 03 2006

once i read that a great medical definition of death is lack of change…man, is that head on or what? i think if we’re not changing, we’re dying…change is powerful, change is creative, change is critical, change is fundamental to followers of Christ – how can we stay the same knowing that such great love, that the awesome creator of the universe has pulled us back to him….?

we’re in a season of change in our church – what a great sign! personally, i hope we’re always in a season of change…i know that there are things that God wants to do that requires us to have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church…for what it’s worth…i always want to be tuned in to what God is saying, what He’s leading me to be and do, I want to be yielded!

the challenging thing about change is that it requires initiative and effort – initiative is the key to the ignition that starts the process – the effort is the process of getting there – strange thing is without either (initiaitve or effort) we don’t go anywhere!

David Schlesinger – head of Reutuers America says,”Change is hard. Change is hardest on those caught by surprise. Change is hardest on those who have difficulty changing too. But change is natural; change is not new; change is important.”…think about it…




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